ARTICLES: What is Chatoyancy | Cat’s eye effect observed in Chrysoberyl | Jyotish Cats Eye

What is Chatoyancy | Cat’s eye effect observed in Chrysoberyl | Jyotish Cats Eye

What is Chatoyancy- Cat’s eye effect observed in Chrysoberyl and its importance in Jyotish?

The dynamic opening and closing of lines that resembles the opening and closing of the eye of a Cat is called as Chatoyancy. It is for this very reason that Cat’s Eye the Gem of the south node of the Moon/ Ketu is also called as Bidalaksha- Literally translated-The eye of a Cat.


The term Chatoyancy is derived from two French words:

Chat- Meaning Cat

Oeil- Meaning Eye.

What is the cause of Chatoyancy?

The Band that open and closes like the eyes of a Cat is called as the Chatoyant Band. The cause of this band is the reflection of light from a multitude of parallel aligned tiny needle like rutile crystal inclusions or tune inclusions.

What are the other gem mineral exhibiting the Cat’s Eye Effect?

The Cat’s Eye effect is more desirable, pronounced and valuable in Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl.  However many other mineral exhibit the Cat’s Eye effect even though to a less pronounced degree. Some of them worth mentioning are:









Can other gems exhibiting Cat’s Eye effect used for Jyotish Purposes?

The Sacred Texts are very clear that for Jyotish Purposes to harness the power of Ketu one should use Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl and if due to some reason this is not within the reach of the individual then a Cat’s Eye Quartz may be used as an Uparatna.

There is no mention of any other gem varieties to be used in lieu of Cat’s eye.

 Power of a Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl?

A real Jyotish Quality Cat’s Eye is a very powerful gemstone and one can feel its effects instantly. It is perhaps the only Gem that is comparable in its powers to the Blue Sapphire/ Neelam and hence one should assure that the Gem is free from any of the flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in November   2012 Table Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl
Weight 2.00 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Sri Lanka
Planetary Energy Ketu/ South Node
Patron Location Dubai/ UAE
All inclusive Price $ 1189.46 / INR 65230.40
Comments Featured today is a powerful Ketu Talisman. Observe the majestic and alluring golden green color. Perfect Eye that is noble, majestic, and mysterious and moves like a phantom over the crystal dome.  Perfectly flawless Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka that has been set in the sacred symbol of Ketu.


The Gem has been encapsulated by a Round Tube that is sealed with the sacred ash of sacrificial grass/ kusha Bhasma after full Vedic rites. A true Vedic Talisman with Gem, Symbol and Ash representing the mind, body and soul.

Note: Thank You dear Patron for your gracious testimonial.

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