ARTICLES: The Six Step Method for Choosing Jyotish Gems

The Six Step Method for Choosing Jyotish Gems

Difficult time choosing your planetary Gem - Here is the 6 question/ 6 step approach to resolve the confusion and identify the Gem of your desire-a Gem that delivers - A Gem that’s just for you!

The  Six Step Method  for Choosing Jyotish Gems

When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice


Every month we receive messages from some patrons that say:

  • The Gemstones that I liked have been sold out.
  • When is the next lot of xyz going to be uploaded?

Choosing a Gemstone can sometimes be a daunting task even with the experts. It becomes more complicated especially when we are using gemstones for planetary benefits. You can evaluate the 4C’s( cut, color, clarity, carat weight) and this exercise can go on endlessly. Just like that Globe picture on the top-choices will keep rotating!

So here we have tried to give you a brief guide that shall empower you to make correct selection and not delay your Gemstone therapy.

From our end there is no guess work. Each Gemstone on Gemstoneuniverse is

  • Jyotish Quality.
  • Natural
  • Certified
  • Appraised
  • Comes with a lifetime Buy Back Guarantee.

So these issues are out of the picture. Sometimes the sheer range and diversity of color causes difficulty in decision making.

The 6 step guide to choose the Gemstone of your choice:

 Here is your 6 step guide to choose the Gemstone that you like and get it and avoid disappointment that you have been browsing the inventory for 3 months and had very nearly made a choice but suddenly the choice that you made after a lot of research has been sold out.

The 6 step guide/ 6 questions to choose your planetary Gemstone:

  1. Are you ready for therapy? Really, it is a humble request please goes through the article Do Gemstones Work- No they do not for 90% of the people. If you are Iffy then do NOT implement Gem therapy. 
  2. ● Is the Gem of the color you desire? In colored Gemstones the 4 C’s are color, color, color and color. Sounds like a cliché, but its true!
  3. ● Is the Gem of the shape you desire?
  4. ● Does the gem have something special, life like, unique character or a distinct personality or trait that you like?
  5. ● Do you feel good when viewing it? Does it excite you or for some people it has the “ X Factor ”.
  6. ● Can you go for it without putting yourself under financial duress?

Take the 6 step approach and identify the gemstone of your choice.

Just like people each Gemstone is different, has different character and identity. We are sure that if you take this approach in a structured manner you shall identify YOUR special Gemstone.

And Finally,

LET YOUR GEMSTONE CHOOSE YOU. That is where the magic is!

Good Luck

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