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    Natural Ruby Gemstone

    Buy Ruby Stone Online, Ruby (Manik) Gemstone Price, Ruby Stone Benefits,Unheated Certified Ruby Stone -

    All about Ruby Gemstone from Gemstoneuniverse the World’s #1 Authority on Jyotish Gemstones and Astrological Gemstones

    Meaning of Ruby Gemstone ( माणिक, माणिक्य )

    Ruby- The precious Red Gemstone of the Corundum Family is Ruby Stone. It is also called Manik in Hindi and RatnaRaj( King of Gemstones) In Sanskrit.Show More

    Ruby comes in Pure Red hue (Pigeon's Blood color), different tones of Red and also tones of Pink and Purple

    Ruby Gemstone is loved for its Pure Red hue unlike seen in any other Gemstone Ruby is Birthstone of July month & is associated with Sun planet in Indian Vedic Astrology.

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    Ruby (Manik) Stone Price range starts at around ₹ 1,000 ($ 15) per carat for junk commercial quality rejected stones at the bottom of the Gem Pyramid such as the stones traded in Rattis in India especially from African Mines. Good quality Rubies will start around US ($) 2000/ INR 150000 for unheated Gemstones per carat depending on cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, origin etc. For current good quality Ruby prices read this market report of Ruby prices for last 5 years by clicking here. For a definitive guide to how Colored Gemstones are priced please click here.

    Ruby Benefits: Natural ruby (Manikya Stone) is a precious gemstone that attracts almost all individuals. Its mystical powers and association with true and absolute luxury are legendary. Ruby gem also known as manik in Hindi, has been a much revered gemstone in Hinduism, for according to Vedic astrology, Ruby Gemstone is the gemstone of Sun, the king of the zodiac. Sun is the nurturer, the vital energy giver and the soul of the Kalpurusha. With its crimson hues, natural ruby is one of those few among the colored gemstones that can beat colorless diamonds in the value, hands down! Ruby is July birthstone in the Western tradition. To read top 10 benefits of the Ruby Stone Please click this link.

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    Ruby Stone Price, Facts, Properties & Benefits Ruby Stone Facts

    Ruby Properties

    1. Hardness of Ruby on Moh’s Scale: 9

    2. Optic Character of Ruby: Anisotropic (Doubly Refractive)Show More

    3. Refractive Index (RI) of Ruby: 1.76 – 1.78

    4. Specific Gravity (SG) of Ruby: 3.99 – 4.01

    5. Fluorescence: strong Red under long wave UV

    6. Pleochroism : strong Dichroism

    7. Ruby shows strong Red Fluorescence under long-wave UV light. Fine Ruby glows with intense Red in sunlight due to Red fluorescence, which intensifies its Red colour.

    Ruby Quality

    Ruby is special because of its strong red colour, which is rare among gemstones. Chromium is the trace element causing the fine red colour in Rubies. One of the most preferred color shades of the Ruby is the Imperial Pigeon Blood Red Colour however other tones of pleasing red are also in demand. Sri Lankan Rubies have more pinking shade as compared red. Ruby with Pinkish and Brownish tones are less expensive than Pure Red Ruby gemstones. The Transparency of a gem-quality Ruby may vary from Transparent to Translucent. Opaque Rubies are considered as low on the quality scale and are generally at the bottom of the Gem Pyramid discarded stones not apt for Jyotish or results and generally available at non standardized commercial shops.

    Ruby Price

    Origin- Currently, Africa especially Mozambique is the major source of fine quality untreated Rubies. Small quantities of Rubies are also mined in Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, and parts of Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Tanzania.

    Fine Quality Burmese Rubies are the rarest and most precious rubies available currently. The supply of Burmese rubies is very rare. Gemstones coming from the famed Mogok Area/ Mogok Rubies in Burma are highly valued and sought after.

    Rubies from the heart of Africa especially Mozambique today are the finest Rubies available in the market. African Rubies are most popular as they are more economical than the Burmese rubies. Thailand produces mostly treated Rubies. Rubies from Thailand especially Chanthaburi Rubies are mostly heat-treated and glass-filled rubies. Thailand Rubies are also called Bangkok Rubies because most of the treatment centres are situated in Bangkok where the rubies are treated for enhancing their appearance. Bangkok Rubies are given the trade name in correct Gemological terms referred to as “Misnomer”- 'New Burmese Ruby' to mislead the customers into believing that they are Burmese rubies.

    Color- Ruby is appreciated for its royal red colour. Rubies may also exhibit a range of secondary colours, including orange, purple, violet, and pink. The most desirable colour of Ruby is compared to Pigeon's Blood Red Colour.

    Clarity- Unlike Sapphires, Rubies are known for having many inclusions. Therefore most of the commercially traded Rubies are Translucent to Opaque-These have no value for Astrology or Jyotish and should be avoided as per the Garuda Purana and the Agni Purana. Transparent Rubies are very rare and command a premium price. Transparency may cause the colour to look lighter and pinkish.

    Carat- Carat is the measure of Weight. Big Sized Gemstones are rarer than the small ones. Therefore, Price per Carat is Higher for bigger Weights than the small weights of similar quality.

    Cut- Rubies are cut in all kinds of shapes. This is because Ruby is widely used in Jewellery. Ruby is mostly available in Oval mixed or Octagonal-Step cuts. Oval Shape is the most popular and widely available.

    Cost- Ruby stone prices in India can range between ₹ 1000 to 2 Lacs per carat and above. Unheated Burmese ruby of fine quality is expensive because of its limited availability and exceptional quality. Premium Unheated Rubies from Mozambique are a better option but today these also command a high price. Please refer to market economics of the Ruby discussed above for real time market trends of the Ruby,

    Treatment- The Most common treatments for enhancing the appearance of a Junk Quality Ruby are heat treatment and lead glass filling. Ruby is given a heat treatment so as to intensify the colour as well as to remove the inclusions and thus increase the clarity. The Surface reaching cracks are also filled with High-Density Lead Glass using Glass-Filling Techniques. Heat Treatment and Glass-Filling Treatments are so common that 90% Rubies found in Market are treated ones only. Treated Rubies should be avoided for Astrological usage. Rubies are also colour treated using Dyes to enhance its colour.

    Ruby (Manikya/Maanik) is the stone associated with the ‘Sun’. Sun is considered as the king among the Nine Planets and hence the most powerful too. Sun is the source of energy, Powerful, Authoritative and Respectable. A strong Sun signifies similar qualities of Leadership, Confidence and Motivation. Wearing Ruby is beneficial for people in Government Job, Senior Positions or In Business. Ruby is also beneficial for people with Low Confidence, low self-esteem and who lack leadership qualities. It is a stone for Fame and relationships. It helps to get favors and acknowledgement from people at higher authorities. Ruby ensures cordial relationship with Partner, Family and Society members. It can ignite lost flame in a relationship. As per western astrology, It is also birthstone for the month of July.

    How to Buy Natural Ruby?

    Always use a trusted Vendor with considerable Gemological experience and body of work and one who provides independent and accredited 3rd party lab Gemstone certification for buying Ruby Gemstone.

    How to Wear Ruby Stone?

    Ruby (Manikya) is associated with Sun as per Indian Vedic astrology. Ruby is worn on the Day of Sun- ‘Sunday’, at an auspicious time of the day while chanting the Surya Beej mantra. Ruby can be worn in Ring or Pendant. Before wearing the Ruby, The Ruby stone should be fully energized and properly consecrated and energized as per the Vedic procedures for best astrological results. Ruby Gemstone gives best results in Gold

    1. Day of Wearing Ruby: Sunday

    2. Finger for wearing Ruby: Ring Finger/ Can also be worn in Neck as pendant.

    3. Metal for wearing Ruby: Gold

    4. Mantra for wearing Ruby: || Om Hrim Sum Suryaya Namah ||

    Where to Buy Ruby Gemstone?

    Gemstoneuniverse is the best place to buy Ruby Gemstone online. Gemstoneuniverse with its certified Astro Gemologists, Global Reach to all mining areas, being at the apex of the Gemstone Pipeline provides the best quality Ruby Gemstones from the choicest mines in the world that will enthral you and provide you value for life. If you are looking for Great Astrological Results then you have to wear a Jyotish Gemstone Ruby and Gemstoneuniverse guarantees you to find the most auspicious life changing Ruby Stone that will change your life.

    Ruby Origin: Mining and Sources

    Currently, the Best Source of Ruby is Burma (Myanmar) and Mozambique (Africa). Rubies mined from Burma are called Burmese Ruby. Some Indian-origin Rubies are also available in market but they are not preferred due to low quality. Thailand Rubies are mostly treated ones and hence they are avoided for astrological purposes.

    Customized Ruby Rings and Pendants

    We make customised Ruby Rings and Pendants as per astrological guidelines. We pay special attention to the finishing and detailing of the Gemstone Ring, Pendant or Bracelets, so that you cherish wearing it while enjoying the benefits of wearing your Lucky Stone. To view the premium Gemstoneuniverse finish and quality you can view 3500+ shipped out pieces at the Gemstoneuniverse Blog by clicking here or view daily talismans featured on the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook page since 2010.

    Know Ruby Stone

    Ruby ( Manik in Hindi ) is also called Ratnaraj, means king of gemstones. Its name comes from Latin word Ruber, means Red.Ruby is considered a symbol of Love & Power. Ruby has been cherished & admired by famous Kings & Queens in history. Ruby gemstone is Birthstone for July Month. Ruby stone ring made of Gold or alloy is worn for Sun Planet ( Surya ) as per Indian Vedic astrology. Ruby makes a person mentally & emotionally strong, motivated, enthusiastic & energetic. Buy ruby stone online at best price for astrological benefits.

    Rubies can command the highest per carat price of any colored stone. This makes ruby one of the most important gems in the colored stone market. Ruby Belongs to Corundum species. In its purest form, the mineral corundum is colorless. Trace elements that become part of the mineral’s crystal structure cause variations in its color. Chromium is the trace element that causes ruby’s red color. Ruby is loved & admired for its pure & perfect Red hue unlike seen in any other gemstone. Mogok is Myanmar’s legendary valley of rubies; the source of many of the world’s most fabulous gems. Other sources include Mozambique, Thailand, Madagascar, India & Vietnam. Ruby’s color range is Red, tones of Red, to Purplish Red. Hardness of Ruby is 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness. Optic character of Ruby is anisotropic. Refractive index (RI) range is 1.760 – 1.778. The Specific Gravity (SG) lies between 3.99 – 4.01. Ruby shows strong Red Fluorescence under long wave UV light. Fine Ruby glows with intense Red in sunlight due to Red fluorescence, which intensifies its Red color.

    Buy certified Natural Ruby stone online with laboratory report for its authenticity. Ruby stone is most preferred stone for Engagement & Valentine Rings as Ruby symbolizes Love. Ruby studded jewelry is Stylish & Precious. Ruby stone studded with diamonds in jewelry looks beautiful. Buy certified Natural Ruby stone online at best prices for astrological or adornment purpose. We make customized Ruby stone rings on order as per your requirement. Buy Ruby stone in India at Gemstoneuniverse or order Ruby stone online from anywhere. Gemstoneuniverse, India delivers Certified Natural Ruby stone worldwide

    Frequently Asked Questions About Ruby Gemstone

    1. What are the Astrological benefits of Ruby Gemstone?

    Ruby is the gemstone for Sun. Sun signifies Leadership, Domination and strength. It also ensures good health, especially Mental Sharpness, Healthy Heart, Blood pressure and immunity. It also helps in receiving accolades, rewards, gifts and appreciation from the people around you. A Strong sun ensures ample support and mentorship of seniors and a rise in career. It is also helpful for success in competitive exams and to get government jobs. People who constantly receive disapproval or do not receive success must wear ruby.

    2. Can emerald and ruby stones be worn together?

    Emerald (Panna) is the planetary stone for Mercury (Buddh) which is a neutral planet. Emerald can be worn with Ruby in certain special cases. However, It is not a commonly prescribed combination. This combination is prescribed only in special cases. You must always consult an astrologer or preferably an Astro Gemologist before wearing Emerald and Ruby together.

    3. Can I wear a pukhraj ruby and red coral together?

    Ruby makes a very auspicious combination with Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire ), Moonga (Red Coral) and Pearl as well. Ruby gives amazing results if worn with these friendly gemstones. However these shouldnot be worn by reading some random data on the search engine or a website. For a rewarding Gem Recommendation it is always best to consult an Astrologer or an Astro Gemologist who can make the recommendation after analysing your horoscope and needs in detail.

    4. How long does a gemstone take to work?

    Gemstones start giving their effects from the day of wearing. However, The Visible results may take time. It varies from individual to individual. In some cases, the results are immediate.

    5. Can Kumbha wear a ruby stone?

    The Stone should be worn as per Horoscope. A Person belonging to Kumbha Rashi can wear Ruby if the sun is placed in horoscope suitably. One should consult an astrologer if unsure about their suitable gemstones. Gemstones should not be worn just based on Rashi or Nakshatra etc. It will give very average or poor results. Click here to read about the best Gemstone choosing method.

    6. How rare and valuable is a Mozambique ruby?

    Ruby is a rare gemstone. Natural and un-treated Ruby from Mozambique, Africa is in high demand but the supply is limited but as of today supply is fairly stable as compared to Burmese Ruby. This makes Mozambique Ruby highly valuable. Burma(Myanmar) and Mozambique are considered the best sources of Ruby in the world.

    7. How to identify the good and original ruby stone?

    Always rely first on your own eyes and instinct, Then look for a reputable and knowledgeable Gem profession, then look at Lab-report for checking the authenticity of the gemstone. If still unsure, you may cross-verify the authenticity from the laboratory of your choice. Click here to read how to choose the best gemstones in 6 steps.

    8. Where can I buy good quality Ruby gemstones in India?

    Gemstoneuniverse is the leading supplier of the finest quality natural rubies from Mozambique (Africa) and Burma (Myanmar) and other geographical origins. Visit Gemstoneuniverse Boutique store or buy online at

    9. Can an Aries wear ruby?

    Mars and Sun are friendly planets to each other and hence Aries (whose Rashi lord is Mars) can wear the gemstone for Sun, which is - Ruby. Again this is a general rule and is subject to change as per the horoscope and the planetary positions.

    10. Is ruby stone good for Libra?

    Ruby does not have any side effects. Ruby can be worn by anyone provided it is indicated in the horoscope

    Gemstoneuniverse is the world’s leading authority on Astrological Gemstones and Jyotish Gemstones. To view a treasure chest of 3500+ articles written by Gem Professionals and Astro Gemologists please click here or visit the Gemstoneuniverse Blog.

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