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    Articles: Burmese Ruby | Old Burma Ruby and New Burma Ruby Stone effectsNEWS FEED

    Above: Poor Quality Corundum before Glass filling and After Treatment

    What is New Burma Ruby

    A typical problem has been plaguing Indian retail market especially when it comes to trade of Ruby Gemstones. Many people have heard about the Rubies from Burma and these are called as Burma RubyBurma Rubies or Burmese Rubies.

    Many Astrologers also who have no idea of Gemstone identification or Gemstone properties specifically recommend to the client that they Buy a Burma Ruby and that too in ridiculous weight ranges.

    An average to good Natural Unheated Burmese Ruby of around 4 carats which is around 90% clean and has inclusions costs around $50,000/ INR 30,00,000( Approximately 30 Lakhs factoring in currency conversions)  at the time of writing this article( 05th June 2015).

    This is a general B2B price and logically this Gemstone is out of the price range as well as the weight range of the general person looking at wearing a Ruby for Gem Therapy Purposes. We have Current Ruby Market conditions, prices and economics for the last 5 years and these can be found here.

    So what happens in such a situation?

    Poor Quality Lead Glass filled Ruby generally manufactured in Thailand goes by the name of New Burmese Ruby

    Enter Fraudsters with a definite intent to fool the customer and hand a lollypop to satisfy Client Psyche. There is a particular Kind of Ruby available in the Indian Market that goes by the Name of New Burma Ruby.

    Clients are even given certificates by dubious fly by night operating labs citing the origin as New Burma Mines and the treatment column in the certificate will list: Not Specified.

    There are two things here:

    1)     There is no Mine in the world known as New Burma Mines.

    2)      When the treatment column says Not specified it can mean only the following things:

    - The Gem Owner/ Trader did not want the Gemstone to be tested for treatment for some reason.

    - The Lab does not have the equipment or the expertise to detect treatment.

    - There is a deliberate omission to mislead

    It is fraudulent to sell this material without a total disclosure of this treatment to the customer.

    what exactly is the new Burma Ruby Stone?

    A 7 carats Thai Glass filled Ruby Typically Sold in Indian Markets

    A 7 carats Thai Glass filled Ruby Typically Sold in Indian Markets

    Poor quality corundum filled with lead-glass to improve clarity with addition of additive chemicals to add colour is the new Burmese ruby. It is just that- Glass- Only,around 10% of the stone would be corundum and rest will be filled by Coloured glass. This process takes places at high temperatures and is basically done to fill up cracks in the rough and improve clarity. Most of the rough used is near colourless lacking lustre and is orangey brown which after the lead glass filling treatment becomes pinkish red and is traded in the market by the name of New Burma Ruby Stone. This is the preferred choice of Ruby for the 5.25 ratti astrologer and the trader.

    New Burma Ruby Price / Cost

    Depending on the production process and the end result New Burma Ruby manufactured in Thailand using the lead glass filling treatment typically costs $1/INR 63 per carat to $10/ INR 630 per carat. Typically it is sold anywhere from INR 1500 to INR 3000 per carat depending on the customer and sometimes the impact of the so called Astrologer. It is preferably traded in large sizes especially in North India and areas like Calcutta where astrologers sometimes even recommend weights till 9.25 carats for a person.

    Still wearing Gemstone in Rattis? Stop

    Cheapest is the most expensive Gemstone? Surprised read On

    Is the new Burma Ruby astrologically effective? Does new Burma Ruby Work for Astrological Purposes?

    First and foremost this stone that is called as New Burma Ruby is not even a Gemstone. It is just glass. For a Gemstone to be effective is has to be at the apex of Gem pyramid with the highest lustre, most beautiful colour.

    A Gemstone can deliver results of a planet only when it is a Jyotish Gemstone and for that it has to be qualifying on several criteria which can be found here.  New Burma Ruby Gemstone is only to satisfy the psyche of the person that he/ she is wearing a big gemstone wherein in actuality that person is wearing only glass and a poor quality stone that is at the bottom of the gem pyramid.

    This will at best give only a placebo effect and will give ZERO results for Gem therapy.

    Do Gems Work No They Don’t for 90% of the People

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2015


     ruby ring

    Beautiful Unheated Ruby of 1.168 carats set in Gold Ring- A Jyotish Gemstone Table Natural Ruby Gemstone Facts


    Natural Ruby


    1.168 carats





    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    Pittsburgh/ USA

    All inclusive Price

    $2700/  INR 172000/-


    Featured today is an exceptionally clean unheated and untreated Ruby from Mozambique. Weighing in at 1.168 carats the striking feature is its closeness to its colour shade of the prestigious Burma Rubies of Yore. The resplendent intimate fiery red complements well with the striking contrast of the yellow Gold and brings in the inherent play of colour. Above 90% clarity, great lustre, and superb carat weight makes it a winner in current Ruby market conditions and will make it a collectible in years to come. It is true Jyotish Gemstones like these that give promised results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

    Note: Thank You Dear Patron for your gracious testimonial



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