ARTICLES: Dushyant Shakuntala Love Story & Brilliant Blue Sapphire

Dushyant Shakuntala Love Story & Brilliant Blue Sapphire

Brilliant Blue Sapphire – The Protagonist in Dushyant – Shakuntala Legend

Natural Blue Sapphire of 4.49 carats Gemstoneuniverse


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Gemstone Natural Blue Sapphire
Weight 4.49 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural,
Origin Ratnapura/Sri Lanka
Planetary Energy Saturn
Patron Location

New Delhi, India

All inclusive Price $ 6225.47 / INR 336175
Comments “Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.”


— John Ruskin

Some where deep down in our hearts we have a speculation that Ruskin’s words were inspired by the Sapphire – royal, majestic and so powerful!

Featured today is a natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire of carats, set in 22 karat gold as a Saturn Talisman ring. This Oval shaped Blue sapphire from Sri Lanka with a fantastic jyotish weight of 4.49 carats is fully natural and treatment free. The gem with excellent clarity possesses the coveted Silky cornflower blue color – a rich, delightful color that inspires much more than just poetry.

Natural Blue sapphire of neelam gemstone is the gemstone of planet Saturn/ Shanidev and is used to harness his saatvik, transformative energies.

And when there is a blue sapphire in question, there are hundreds of myths and legends surrounding the gem! It would be worthwhile to point that the great story of Dushyanta and Shakuntala has a Blue Sapphire playing the pivotal role in it.

After King Dushyanta has secretly married Shakuntala he started on his way back to his kingdom but before leaving he gave her a blue sapphire ring and promised that he would come back to get her.


Raja Ravi Verma's Painting - Shakuntala turning to take a glimpse of King Dushyant

Shakuntala, lovelorn waited endlessly for the king to return and on one such day as she sat reminiscing about the time spent with the King, she forgot to pay respects to Durvasa rishi, who temper was known far and wide. He cursed her that the person whose thoughts she was engrossed in would forget her.

When the sage got to know her story, his rage subsided and he said that the king would remember Shakuntala if she showed him a token/ gift of remembrance.

Shakuntala thought of the ring and set about to meet the king. However, as fate would have it, while in a boat she ran her hands through the sparkling waters and the ring slipped from her fingers to be swallowed by a fish.

Without the ring, she met a very indifferent king who failed to recognise her. Dejected she returned to the forests, where the legendary King Bharat was born to her.

Later after a couple of years had gone by a fisherman turned up at the palace with a brilliant blue sapphire ring that he had found in the stomach of a fish he had caught. King Dushyanta was immediately reminded of Shakuntala and finally went on to find his forgotten wife and son and bring them back to his kingdom.


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