ARTICLES: Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone / Pukhraj Benefits

Perhaps the most benevolent and forgiving planet amongst the Navagrahas-The 9 sacred planets that govern our destinies is Jupiter also referred to as Guru or Brihaspati in the sacred texts.

Jupiter is forgiving, gentle, large hearted and these are the precise reasons why individuals who have a clean heart and intentions if they do remedy for Jupiter are instantly rewarded and feel instant relief. It is the kind Nature of Devguru Brihaspati that is the reason for this.

Astrological benefits of Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj Benefits

The Gemstone of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire also known as Pukhraj or Kanakpushyaraga transmits the energies of Jupiter within us through its gemstone Yellow Sapphire. The Yellow Sapphire gemstone has the same characteristics as of its ruler Jupiter as stated above and one can feel a lot of astrological benefits of Yellow Sapphire if this gemstone is suited after a proper Vedic astrology gem consultation.

-        The First astrological benefit of the yellow sapphire is the direct impact on wealth. Yellow Sapphire by the energies of Jupiter increases avenues for income and leads to business expansion. It blesses with new opportunities and growth.

-        The second Astrological benefit of Yellow Sapphire is that it hones the intelligence. There is good development of the sixth sense and instinctively the individual is able to take the correct decision without a wavering mind.

-        The third astrological benefit of the Yellow Sapphire is that is blesses with divine grace. The blessings of the Almighty are also with the individual who is wearing the Gemstone of the divine Guru. Good luck is often operational in times of hardship.

Top 10 benefits of the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

New lot of Unheated Yellow Sapphires’ “ Shiva” for Gemstoneuniverse patrons. In this pristine, pure lot of unheated yellow Sapphires not only will you reap the best astrological benefits of the Yellow Sapphire you shall also secure a good investment whose value keeps increasing every day. Salient features of every single Gemstone of the Lot Shiva Are:

-        All Unheated and untreated full natural Yellow Sapphire.

-        The Top Jewellery grade( used only in fine jewellery) quality as per the Gem Pyramid

-        From the famed Gem fields of Ratnapura Srilanka.

-        Brilliant colour range from top Golden Canary Yellow to the desirable Butter Yellow.

-        Exceptional colour for all natural unheated gemstone. One Look and you shall fall in love with them.

-        Symmetrical cut for maximum play of light in the crystal.

-        With the features above they make it to the top 2% of unheated yellow sapphire in the world.

-        Free from any of the flaws for yellow sapphire as described in sacred texts. All natural gemstones to deliver the best astrological benefits.

-        Have all the features of true Jyotish Gemstones and will deliver the choices results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

-        Certified Gemstones from a Top Lab and declared as Natural after tests not only for heating but also for fading.

-        Backed by Gemstoneuniverse unmatched price Guarantee. An absolute value for your hard earned money.

We hope these rare Gemstones will delight you and help you in your personal journey of growth and solution.

While picking gems for use in planetary gem therapy, Gemstoneuniverse makes sure that these gems are top of the line, displaying enviable clarity and great lustre!

There are no compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are rejected, if they carry internal flaws (doshas) that could interfere with your gem therapy.

Your Gem therapy should be absolutely error free with no guess work as per the guidelines given in Do Gems Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the people- We ensure that.

Gemstone Certification and appraisal of these lots are complete you can buy these Yellow Sapphires online in the next 3 days or earlier.


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