ARTICLES: Guruji Shrii Arnav & Gemstoneuniverse gets featured in Forbes International

Guruji Shrii Arnav & Gemstoneuniverse gets featured in Forbes International

Forbes International features Guruji  Shrii Arnav and Gemstoneuniverse in its latest article.

On 14TH May 2021, Gemstoneuniverse and Guruji Shrii Arnav featured on Forbes international, the 103 year global business publication that is still the #1 business magazine in the world. This is one of the biggest highs for Gemstoneuniverse family of all times.

The significance of Gemstones for spring/summer 2021 is indisputable. In fact, gemstones are now available from manufacturers of all types, in all shapes and sizes and at all price points. But it is important to understand that the success of gemstones today is not only a sign of a women’s desire to shine bright, but a reflection of their interest in spirituality as well. This spirituality coincides with a movement in modified apparel towards a more elegant, sophisticated look.

Today, gemstones and fashion seemingly reflect a revolt not only against dull looks but rather against the uncertain times we have been experiencing due to the global pandemic and uncertain economy. Let’s face it, a new generation of consumers is changing the definition of luxury at rapid speed. Today, luxury is not only how you wear it, but what is the significance behind it. In this case, strength in spirituality..

"Gemstones are far more than just pretty stones. Ancient cultures had a strong belief in the power that gemstones hold" says Guruji Shrii Arnav, acclaimed Spiritual Guru, Astro Gemologist, Thought Leader and Mentor of GemstoneUniverse. 

 Gemstones fill a new need in the expanded wardrobe requirements of modern women. If the growth of fashion and jewelry activity can be measured in terms of its financial rewards, then let the data speak for itself. 

Whether dressed-up or dressed-down, with casual nonchalance, today’s apparel and gemstone product offerings with its many varied interpretations—power statement pieces and otherwise— were very much in evidence in many of the designers collections albeit authentic or costume.

A fine Colombian Emerald set in Talismanic with the ash of Achyranthes Aspera plant sealed in the tubes

Despite its status as exalted symbol of a luxury style statement, it’s often forgotten that gemstones are believed to have great spiritual significance. This season, while viewing the shows remotely, It can be easily noticed the bold return of gemstones in abundance. It is no secret today that the instinctual allure has very little to do with price-points and more to do with being part of meaningful contribution to spiritual culture. Today, the cultural energy of gemstones has stimulated the celebrity audience around the globe. One thing is for sure, gems have grown to be key elements in luxury fashion, as they beautify accessories such as earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

In recent years there has been a surge in the demand for gemstones and crystals. And it won’t be surprising that celebrity endorsements could be one of the factors that have contributed to the resurgence of these precious stones. But as crystals and gemstones continue to be a mounting trend, so has the knowledge in their much talked about hidden powers. The entrance of spiritual concepts in fashion speaks exactly to the tension brought on by the pandemic. It is safe to say that gemstones break the mold by challenging the underlying assumptions of what constitutes value today.

In both designer collections as well as gemstones, consumer interest is seeking to tap into the powers of gemstones for healing, fortune, cleansing of energies, therapies, amongst other uses. To continuously draw from these powers, consumers prefer to keep their gemstones close to their bodies —in form of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

It has become a challenge to find credible sources of high-quality gemstones and authentic truths in their usefulness. GemstoneUniverse aims to make it their mission to connect customers to the right gems for both fashion and spiritual reasons. As a retailer of high-quality gems, their drive for excellence extends to the layer of culture found in the spiritual phenomenon of these stones.

“I can proudly say that GemstoneUniverse is one of the most authentic websites for gemstones and astrology readings. All types of gemstones are available on our website. You can read your online horoscope to determine which is the most suitable gemstone for you” adds Guruji Shrii Arnav.

The earliest history of gemstone jewelry goes as far as back 25,000 years ago. Back then, gemstones had been treasured for many other reasons than other types of jewelry. But even as these elements will always remain part of the equation, they’re merely one facet of the many competing distinctions for today’s consumers. But remember, there is a new way to sport modified apparel when you desire a less conservative or stuffy look. In hindsight, gems were used as a tool to facilitate a free flow of energy where a blockage was found. These blockages came in the form of various illness and maladies. Even mental and spiritual blockages such as anxiety or depression are believed to be released through gemstones. After a year of being locked down, you can bet your bottom dollar that consumers will be drawn to releasing the bad energy and absorbing the positive energy.

In today’s increasingly voyeuristic society that values experience as much as material use, the cultural references and experiences seemingly draw parallels to cultures of the past. Ancient Egyptians are said to have used turquoise, quartz, lapis lazuli and topaz to wear as jewelry and amulets. And Greek soldiers carried with them hematite as protection during battles as well as amethyst to prevent hangovers. 

“Such gemstones of the highest quality and purity, and lacking specific flaws, are called Jyotish Gemstones”, said Guruji Shrii Arnav

The ancient practices associated with gemstones can enhance your spirituality. Today, there is a trend in consumers seeking to use it as a tool to restore energy fields, gain peace, and promote love and safety. It is believed that when the gems are kept in certain parts of the body, you can align your chakras and promote healing. The increasing popularity of gemstones has piqued the interest of young and old alike. It goes without mention that as more people experience the magic powers of gemstones it’ll soon turn gemstone jewelry as a common item in everyone’s jewelry box. 

As people form a deeper connection with their gemstones, it’s only a matter of time before they embark on a more spiritual experience with gemstones.

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav

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