Gem Report and Gem Recommendation

1. What is the methodology for Gem recommendation you follow?

We use the principles of Vedic Astrology/ Jyotish to recommend the gemstones that can have a positive impact on the individual. We follow the Graha Anukul method (Recommendation of Gemstones for positive planets as per the birth chart/horoscope) as recommended in the Planetary Gemologists Association code of ethics. For detailed information of Gem recommendation methodology please click here.

2. How is the gemstone report sent?

The gemstone report is sent by e mail in 7-10 business days after placement of the order. Business days do not include Sundays and official holidays. Kindly do not send an e mail inquiring the status till this timeline is over.

3. Why the price of Gemstone consultation is so high?

It is an opinion. Meanwhile this data shall help you- The Gemstone report consultation fee had been USD ($) 30/- from the year 2000 to 2015! With a variation in 2015 for over a decade, On 14th Jan 2023, we are now offering two versions of the report. A Brief Gemstone report for $50/- and a comprehensive Gemstone Report for $124/-

This report is done by highly qualified consultants who have professional credentials from PGA/GIA - world class organizations besides having years of professional expertise and who have trained directly under Guruji Shrii Arnav! If you patiently go through the contents and methodology of the report you shall appreciate what we do and the end value that is delivered.

The consultation fee just ensures that we do analysis of real individuals who have real interest in this sacred science and not for someone who marks cc to several consultants. The most expensive thing we offer at Gemstoneuniverse is time followed by professional expertise followed by planetary gemstones in that order.

You can get the full details at:

Vedic gemstone report details

4. I want to order 10/xyz number of Gem reports, Is a discount possible?

No. Please refer to the answer above

5. Do you do free consultation/ recommendation for gemstones/ remedial measures.

Much as we would like to, we do not have the resources to do a free consultation. It would compromise on the quality of consultation of paid customers. Qualified Astro Gemologists are a very rare breed. Gemstoneuniverse is a powerhouse of information of that we offer for free. If you are looking ‘g’ with no expert comments we recommend you visit the free Gem recommendation resources at the link given below:

More detailed reasons for not doing a free consultation are listed at the link below:

 Free Gem Recommendation

Things we don’t like but this will save us a lot of precious time, save a lot of your time and may help you in taking the right direction- Random requests for Gemstone recommendation, casual discussions of horoscopes! Please don’t waste time and stop us from doing good, quality work!

6. My Date of Birth is dd/mm/yyyy. I have been recommended by a local Astrologer to wear a Yellow Sapphire, Coral etc. I want to know your opinion on this.

At Gemstoneuniverse we have a singular policy on not commenting on another consultants recommendation. If you want our opinion please order a Gemstone report at the URL below:

Vedic gemstone report details

7. I do not know my exact time of Birth, Can you still do a gemstone recommendation for me?

In case the range of time deviation is +/- 2 hours the exact chart can be fixed and recommendation can be made. In such a case please send us 5 major milestone events with dates or some major information such as

Date of marriage

Number of Brothers/ Sisters( Example 2 Brothers , 3 sisters I am the youngest One)

Date of Birth of Children

Acquisition of property or vehicle

Gain of any reward or recognition

If the time deviation is more then we cannot cast your chart. In such a case please do NOT order the Gem Recommendation Report

8. My Gem report recommends that I wait for 90/120/ x amount of days to wear the next gemstone. I do not want to wait can I wear it now itself?

Please follow the instructions to the T as stated in your gemstone report for best results. If your report recommends you to wait, please wait.

9. How is the Gem report delivered?

The gemstone report is delivered by e mail only.

10. In how many days will I get my gemstone report?

From the date of placement of order you shall have your report in 7-10 business days. Business days do not include Sundays and holidays declared by the Government of India. It is our request that you do not mail us before the stipulated time.

11. I am a Gemstoneuniverse client and have ordered a Gemstone report/ Gemstones from you? I have certain more Astrological queries, how can I consult you?

At Gemstoneuniverse we exclusively specialize in Jyotish Gemstones and Gem recommendations based on your objective/ conditions after a thorough astrological analysis of the chart. Individuals who order a detailed Vedic Gem report also get a complimentary one time consultancy session with a qualified Astro Gemologist for 15 minutes by skype/ phone for any query on the gem report or further clarification on the gemstone report/ gemstones.

Further astrological queries or astrological consultations should be ordered at the Astromandir website as and when they are offered/ available. Details here.

Astrological consultations in person only (not online) are available at the Gemstoneuniverse Centre of Excellence in Bangalore, India by appointments only and for scheduling consultations you can contact here.

12. I have taken an Astrological consultation at Gemstoneuniverse Bangalore. Can I consult on e-mail. Do I need to pay anything extra? Do I get discounts or a different consultation fee if I take more than one consultation?

If you have taken an astrological consultation at Bangalore and are in need for further clarification please schedule a fresh consultation with customer services after paying the requisite consultation charges. In case of certain emergencies only, a tele-consultation can be scheduled after the receipt of consultation fee. Please note that consultancy by e-mail is not offered as of now. Regardless of the nature, number of your queries, each time you consult it is counted as a fresh appointment and the associated consultation fee is to be paid. There is no discount or a separate consultancy structure regardless of the appointments/ gems you take. The consultancy charges are same for all people irrespective of the conditions listed above.

13. Do you recommend that I opt for a brief report or a detailed Vedic Gem report?

First and foremost the Gemstone recommendation in both the reports is exactly the same. The detailed Vedic Gem Report is for those who already have some basic Astrology knowledge and would like to know the detailed reasons for the gemstone recommendation.

We would request and recommend that you opt for the brief Gem report as all reports are done manually by us with no software. This will help us reduce some workload and deliver quality to a large community of individuals interested in Planetary Gem Therapy. The apex standard of the Gemstoneuniverse report ensures that our brief report itself will be much more detailed and deliver more value than any other recommendation.

14. I had ordered a gem report but I received an e mail that I do not require any Gemstones and my order was refunded, why is that?

At Gemstoneuniverse we are guided by the fundamentals principles of Gem Therapy given in Do Gemstones work- No they don’t for 90% of the people. We will recommend gemstones only if we feel that they will make a tangible positive difference to your life. If we feel that your chart is already optimized, or a gemstone will not make any difference etc we will not recommend any Gemstone to you. In this case a simple email is sent that No Gemstones are required and that your order is refunded back. Around 35% of all Gem Report requests are refunded. No further communication is entertained in this regard.

15. Why so many FAQ’s. I find some of them are quite funny/ self-explanatory/ not required?

One Man’s Funny is another Man’s serious and one Man’s ridiculous is another one’s important. In our 20 years of practice these are the questions that come to us in a recurrent manner in various permutations and combinations and we thought it is best to have all of them here at one place as the answers to them and the organization’s approach and philosophy to these are the same regardless of the language or the expression. These are just here to save all of us a lot of time.

16. Why was my order not accepted and refunded back?

At Gemstoneuniverse for past 20 years we are driven by passion to serve Planetary Gem Therapy and the people and we strive for a 100% error free gem therapy and not by sales. If at any stage we feel that we shall not be able to deliver 100% error free gem therapy to you or if we feel that you shall not have 100% benefits by using Jyotish Gemstones for certain reasons we will not accept your order. Detailed reasons for the same can be accessed by clicking here.

17. I gave the wrong birth details by mistake. Can you please send me my Gem report for Free?

In case you have given the wrong data you shall have to again place a fresh order and pay for the consultation. New Revised report cannot be sent for free

18. I do not agree with the Recommendation. As per Nadi/ Vedic Astrogy/ KP/ World Renowned Astrologer/ Numerologist/ Tarot Card Reader/ My Self Study, Shani in Mrit Avastha/ Astrologer said some other stone of 6 rattis, Any other astrological combination etc, I think I should be wearing XYZ Gemstone. I would like to discuss this information (Other Permutations and combinations of such variations).

As an organization policy we do not comment on any other consultant/ third party recommendation.

Please note that in one chart there are thousands of combinations. What makes an impact and what does not needs a high degree of expertise and experience in this vast science of Astro Gemology and that is where Gemstoneuniverse comes in.

You have ordered a Gem Recommendation after duly considering the pros and cons of the same and because you judged that this recommendation is trustworthy and solution oriented.

But please be mindful that even though as per you, your information might be worth considering (As per stats available with us in 99% and above cases it is not- In most cases its overzealous reading of poor material on the internet or some dubious information causing confusion- Remember we have stats for over ten million exchanges including email records since 1996), It is not possible for us to discuss this information as it will be a disservice to several other patrons whose orders are in a queue. It is a sheer time wasting exercise. If you can self diagnose and self recommend you do not need our opinion at all. Time and expert opinion-both are scarce and we need to optimize it to deliver the best value.

Your Gem Report recommendation states your best Gem recommendation without any ambiguity that is adequate for successful Gem Therapy provided all conditions given here are met.

Due to lack of standardization in this field which we are trying very hard to overcome, 10 different people will have 10 different opinions.

However if you do not agree with the Gem recommendation then your sole remedy is to ignore the recommendation. No further discussion on the same is entertained. As of now we touch more than 3 million highly engaged visitors and clients per month.

If you do your research since 1996, this is the most authoritative and rewarding gem recommendation with recommendations made for more than ½ million charts and objectives/ problems and sale of Million plus Jyotish Gemstones.

Request you to kindly read our 100% error free Gem Therapy approach and mission and kindly also help us in staying focussed on the same. We can only help you only if you allow us too. Request you to read the links in the answer for a better appreciation of the same.

If you would still like a more detailed answer to this request you to read the Best Gemstone Choosing Method by clicking here.

19. My question is not listed here

Please send an e mail to and if it is a valid question we shall try to get back to you in 1 business day if you are an existing patron or in 3-5 business days. You can call us during office hours. Details can be accessed at the link below:

Contact Us

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