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Publication: Deccan HeraldPlace: Bangalore Date: 18 Oct 2008Page: 2 (Metro Life)
Shrii Guru Arnav

Gemstones have for long had the magic to mesmerise us, and there are many who staunchly believe in their power to change one's luck and prosperity. Gemstone Universe, which was recently launched in the City has brought many I precious, and semi-precious gems to customers and with a quality certificate to validate their authenticity. The store is the brain child of Vedic Guru, Shrii Arnav, who has set up astrology-related websites like

"The object of this store is to provide natural authentic untreated gems, that have astrological significance. The stones have been certified for    authenticity and their correct size and value has also been appraised," said Guru Arnav. He added that gems have the potent power to make subtle changes in ones life and bring luck and opportunities, "Gems reflect light, and depending on the colour of the gem, that specific colour is absorbed by the body power, while everything else is reflected. Based on one's astrological charts, the colour absorbed by the body has the power to change a person's luck." he said.    

Arnav says that any gem needs to have a minimum of two carats for it to be effective, and they are  need to be natural. "While buying a gem, one needs to keep in mind the four Cs: Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight and need to make sure that it is an untreated gem. It is also better if one goes for a gem   after analysing one's birth charts and wear the gem at an auspicious hour," he said. The store has gems like ruby, sapphire, diamonds, emeralds and all the , navaratnas. The gems start from a price of Rs 500 per carat and go up to Rs 2.3 lakh and above. The store also provides astrological consultations for a minimum fee. It is located in Al Azeea Mansion, Brigade Road. For details, call 2555 2343/44.