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Publication: Times of IndiaPlace: Bangalore Date: 19 Jun 2012Page: Bangalore Times
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Vedic astrology and planetary gemology as disciplines are logical, exact. The positive impact that wearing right gems can have on your life, is simply amazing", says Abhijita, senior astro-gemologist at "Less than 1% of experts know what exactly is Jyotish Quality. Just Google it and the answer is in top 4 results. In India, 99% of commercial stones sold are not Jyotish    Gems. "The jeweller, on whom the average Indian relies, Is neither a gemologist, nor an astrologer. Also, what assurance do you have that your gem is jyotish quality - not treated, synthetic or just an imitation?" she adds. At Gemstoneuniverse, the advantage lies in PGA and GIA certified consultants analysing your horoscope and offering top Jyotish  quality gems with certification.
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