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Publication: Times of IndiaPlace: Bangalore Date: 3 Oct 2008Page: 35
Shrii Guru Arnav

A successful career in management awaited him, but Guruji Shrii Arnav saw his true calling in serving people.


An essay on liberalisation of the Indian economy won him the Supcrbrain award, Rs 2.5 lakhs in cash and first class airfare to London and the US from Competition Success Review in 1999. After graduating in Commerce, he won a scholarship to pursue a management programme in the US, but six months into it, he realised it was not his calling. Meet Guruji Shrii Arnav, who resisted the lure of the lucre guaranteed by a promising career in management and returned to India to dedicate his life to bring about positive changes in people's lives. A quintessential new-age guru, he has been studying the ancient Vedas, Scriptures and the science of Astrology, Numerology and Gemology, ever since he received 'deeksha' (initiation) from Acharya Veer Shankar Sharma in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Guruji Shrii Arnav went on to learn mantra sadhana, yoga sadhana, dhyana sadhana, vaastu shastra etc and is well known today as a certified Vedic Astrologer, an accredited jewellery professional (Gemological Institute of America), Planetary Gem Advisor (PGA - Thailand), Spiritual Healer and Stress Management Expert.

Turning his passion into his profession, Guruji launched in 2001, which receives 39.000 hits per week, of which 60 per cent are from foreigners. Every individual who consults him is treated like a seeker in accordance with the Vedic system of management. "The material work! does not excite me. All I want to do, is to help rid people of their problems, pains, fears and ailments.

Astrology, a statistical science, helps me analyse the cause and effect of people's problems, after which I prescribe a variety of solutions which are unique to them. So, if I provide sound counsel to A. I may suggest meditation techniques to B: If I ask C to wear a particular gemstone that will change his fortunes, then I may ask D to perform a yagna to bring equilibrium into his life. But, there are three events in one's life that one has absolutely no control over — birth, death and marriage - which are preordained" he said. Not only does he assist people in understanding their past and present but also predicts their future, be it related to their health, business or relationships. He recently launched which is an attempt to provide natural, untreated, astrologically potent gemstones, talismans, rings and pendants at the correct price to seekers from around the world.

"The shastras have recommended seven remedial measures to remove problems from our lives. They are mantra, tantram yantra, yagna, aushadh, ratna and gyan. While most
of these have severe limitations, ratna or gemstones have none, provided they are natural, genuine and recommended by qualifed professionals" said Guruji, who is partnering with Shailendra Aragula to retail natural gemstones across the country, beginning with an outlet on Brigade Road, Bengaluru this month.

His advice to Gen Y: "Tell yourselves everyday that you are a unique individual who has a special place in the world. Remember, you don't have to compete with each other to prove that you are better than the best. Learn to be patient, because patience serves as protection against wrong as clothes do against the cold. If you allow your patience to grow, the great wrongs that come to you will be rendered powerless to vex your mind."