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Shrii Guru Arnav

Mangalore, Dec 15: Can a piece of stone change one's fortune? can, that is what most practising gemologists, numerologists and astrologers vouch. It is believed that right gemstone for an individual could
make things work in his favour while a wrong one could do the other way round.

Experts advise wearing right gem of right size, set in right metal to work wonders on a individual. Guruji Shrii Arnav says gemstone for a person is determined on the basis of horoscope and the impact of planetary position on the individual.

Wearing a gemstone of that planet is believed to pacify the planet and changes fortunes of the owner. He says it has been proven that a natural gem can show the desired effect within 42 days. But what is more important is to get a pure recommended stone as the market is flooded with fake gems.

He says that the gem must be natural, must not be treated to enhance its visual appearance and must be free from physical flaws like crack, dents, black spots etc which can give negative impact to the wearer.

"After Amitabh Bachchan started wearing his gemstones, many people followed suit by picking up the same gem. It is, certainly not a fashion, instead it is a science which is to be believed and respected," he added.

"When a person ends up wearing up stones not compatible with each other, the problem arises. A ruby (sun) which is a hot stone does not vibe well with a blue sapphire (saturn) which is a cold stone. The wearer will face problems as the two contradict in their nature,' he added.

Standardisation of the field is not happening, hence jewellers and so called practitioners of the art are deceiving people, he rues and hopes that the art which, has power to change lives will not be corrupted by excess commercialisation.