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Publication: Bengaluru Chronicle Date: 22 May 2016
Healing gemstones

Healing gemstones

The power of gemstones is believed to avert the bad effects of planets and augment the good effects.

However clichéd it may sound, health is indeed true wealth. Ask a person suffering from bodily pain/discomfort or mental health issues — what wouldn’t they do to get soundness of health! Ancient wisdom is said to have ascribed tremendous healing benefits to precious gemstones and why not — when millions of years old pure, concentrated colour, wavelength, frequency and energy (read natural gemstones) interacts with the energy rich bio-molecule (read essential component of human life)… healing could be a definitive outcome. Listed below are the potential benefits of gemstones:


Natural Pearl

This wonderful gemstone is said to be an amazing panacea for depression and mental health issues. Wearing an organic natural pearl could work beautifully to bring the emotions into a relative state of balance.

People with deep seated childhood issues of emotional scarring, old personal losses and unnamed fears might register significant breakthroughs in dealing with these issues. Natural Pearl is a gemstone ascribed to the Moon which is regarded as the feminine, mother energy and can become a natural nurturer for the individual wearing it.

Individuals affected by rheumatoid arthritis could also benefit from wearing a natural pearl.


The healing benefits of natural Ruby are fabled to be numerous. It is a gemstone that can be tremendously helpful when an individual suffers from self-doubt, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

This gemstone representing the Sun may bring healing to the inner self. Wearing a natural ruby could help in dealing with heart and other health issues as well. It is a gemstone that is said to impart vitality and strength. Those suffering from certain head related health problems could also benefit.

Yellow sapphire

Yet another gemstone that is believed to work wonders where healing is concerned, is the natural yellow sapphire popularly known as the Pukhraj or kanak pushyaraga.

It also is called the ‘feel-good’ gemstone because of its fabled quality to impart focus and clarity and keep up hope and optimism, even when one is faced with tough situations in life. Mental outlook is said to improve. Individuals suffering from a weak stomach, impaired digestion, jaundice or imbalanced thyroid functioning are believed to benefit significantly by wearing a natural yellow sapphire.


Natural peridot is a substitute gemstone of emerald but is said to be an extremely powerful healing gemstone.

One could consider wearing a peridot if one finds that the tendency of holding on to the past has almost become an impediment to one’s growth. This gemstone is also believed to boost immunity, health of the liver, reduce allergy, asthma, bronchitis and strengthen the respiratory system in general.

Blue Sapphire

Also known as the neelam, it is said to have fast acting energies that could help rev up a sluggish metabolism and clear the thought process.

If an individual is too pessimistic, the blue sapphire may stem the tendency by making him/her positive. Also in cases, where people feel that they suffer a lot due to enemies, jealousy and ill-intent, natural blue sapphire is believed to create a sense of protection. This gemstone could also considerably relieve one of anger, anxiety and temperamental mood swings.

Disclaimer:Gem therapy is not a substitute for medical advice.