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Publication: DH Living Date: 4 June 2016

Back To The Beginning

Back to the beginning...

Abhijita Kulshrestha (Contributor) Director, Astrologer & Gem Advisor , Gemstoneuniverse

We live in difficult times. Never before have we been bombarded with so much information. Processing the barrage of information from several sources is a challenge in itself, more so when one is struggling to put the jigsaw of life together — to make sense of daily challenges, to experience joy amidst the chaos. Imagine a person trying to run in several directions, all at once! There is a gripping feeling of anxiety, as though one is caught in a chakravyuha; attack is imminent.

In such times, ancient wisdom can serve as an incredible centring device — touching base with inner resourcefulness, planning and moving purposefully in a direction that promises maximum returns. The Vedas have been a tremendous repository of knowledge and wisdom. A treatise on cosmogenesis, these precious compilations can serve as an operating manual even today. The wisdom inherent in the Vedas flows with amazing perspicuity and can be used by human beings across time, age, religions or countries.

Much of this wisdom drawn from nature simplifies complex riddles of life. Just as nature embraces cycles and seasons, working in a subtle rhythm, establishing a personal rhythm with the Vedic teachings can impart a more fulfilling experience. Wondering how? Let’s start with 5 takeaways that you can implement in your everyday life.

Listen to the mantra

The entire construct of Samaveda is based on sound; these are stipulations on intonation of a mantra. The syllables put together with sound and intonations impart the essential power and awaken its meaning. It emphasises the importance of singing hymns in a high note and then bringing it down gradually. It is incredible how the energy of this intentional sound can influence your wellbeing; it can calm an agitated mind, bring a state of balance to your emotions and stop the haphazard march of anxious, pessimistic thoughts.

Listening to or reciting a Vedic hymn that one can resonate with on a daily basis is a healthy way to create a secure and empowering emotional sanctuary. Take your pick from any of the shanti mantras. Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller Eat, Pray, Love describes part of her journey through India where she finds tremendous peace and comfort to calm her tumultuous mind through chanting of the Guru Gita (part of Skanda Purana) in an ashram. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is also known to chant the Gayatri mantra everyday.

Stay hydrated

The Atharvaveda clearly specifies in one of its hymns that water is the elixir of life; it is the panacea. Drinking water is extremely essential for human health and it is easily the most discounted remedy. If one were to consider the body as the microcosm, it would appear without a shadow of doubt that 3/4 of each of us is composed of water. Naturally, inadequate hydration inspires nothing but a sense of crisis. A feeling of good health and good emotional state is dependent upon the brain chemistry as well as the fluid balance. If one does not drink adequate amount of water, it is highly unlikely that the body can experience a healthy state.

One can start by increasing the amount of water consumed progressively, week by week. Likewise, practising yoga and incorporating a daily regimen of Prana Vayu to nourish the body above the navel and Apana Vayu for the areas below the navel can work wonders. Bollywood actor and yoga enthusiast Shilpa Shetty is known to sip warm water throughout the day. The list of famous yoga practitioners also includes Hollywood celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, Adam Levine, Gavin Rossdale and Colin Farrell.

Unlock the mystery

YJyotisha or astrology is one of the 6 Vedangas, literally meaning limb of the Vedas. They were composed to help understand the essence of the Vedas in a better manner. Vedic astrology is the science of light and a tremendous tool in understanding the karmic life map of an individual. It also gives insights into one’s tendencies and life purpose.

One can use the wisdom of Jyotisha to do an analysis of one’s tendencies — to enhance the ones that serve your purpose and to keep those that create hurdles in check. One can also use astrological insights to figure out which gemstones can really aid in one’s progress. Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan wears a blue sapphire, while Finance Minister Arun Jaitley adorns a red coral. From corporate honchos to politicians and Bollywood celebrities, there are numerous people who can be spotted wearing these precious stones that are believed to help one attain prosperity and success.

Be a team player

There are several Vedic learnings that can be applied in the social context. Particularly appealing are the ones from the Yajurveda. There is more brilliance when several lights shine together, says one. One can see amazing results through synergy and cooperation.One could simply drop comparisons and insecurities, and see what moving in step, in harmony with others around oneself can help achieve! Likewise one could learn from the wisdom which states Rajanavanbhidhruha dhruve sadasyuttame sahastrasthuna aashate (the kings who do not betray other kings sit together in grand assemblies embellished by 1000 pillars).

The belief is that there is enough in the world for everyone. So when you work in cooperation rather than being at cross purposes, there is more grandeur to be achieved.It also helps to do away with destructive thoughts and narrow thinking. Industry specific consortiums and associations are able to leverage more and command more power than a single company. Likewise, organisations with proactive corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are able to create healthy, mutually beneficial ecosystems.

Nurture the mind & soul

Revisiting the Vedic scriptures reveals intense reverence and focus on the 5 elements (or panch mahabhootas), which invariably inspire elemental consciousness as well as environment consciousness. There is so much to embrace in daily life in this context. For instance, let’s take fire. An individual is alive only so long as there is warmth in his body and this is inspired by the bhutagni (spiritual fire). Fire is used in all purificatory rights and is known as an extremely potent agency of purging negative energies in environment. The use and control of fire is regarded as one of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind. Lighting a candle or a lamp to even performing the Agnihotra ritual can be part of one’s daily spiritual regimen

Human beings are a composite of not only the physical body but also the emotional and spiritual body. Nourishing the physical body with food and material comforts, while ignoring the other two components can lead to an undernourished and therefore, skewed emotional and spiritual quotient. Each new day brings challenges at the level of physical effort, ethical dilemma and emotionally demanding situations. So, it’s vital to incorporate simple healthy habits that nourish the emotional and spiritual body as well as bring a wholesome experience of life, wherein a state of joyfulness, optimism and hope come effortlessly.

(The author is a vedic astrologer and planetary gem advisor)