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Publication: Deccan HeraldPlace: Bangalore Date: Friday, 3rd Jun 2005Page: 9
Shrii Guru Arnav

Have you ever wondered why some individuals appear to radiate peace, calm and power and others dont? That it is so very difficult to refuse anything to certain individuals? That some individuals control the minds of others with ease? The answer lies in human magnetism. This great power needs to be realised. Indians call it 'prana' (life), in the west it's known as personal magnetism or aura. Those with a higher degree of personal magnetism are likely to be more successful in materialistic and spiritual affairs vis-a-vis those whose powers are unexploited.

The magnetic force is in direct control of the mind and will. It can be channelised, developed and directed to healthy living and a successful life. Mesmer proved that it can be stored, released, controlled, directed, increased and neutralised. A well developed personal magnetism and a strong willpower is the recipe for success. Everything first exists on the mental plane and then the physical. The universe is the materialisation of the divine idea.

The best way to increase human magnetism is through 'pranayama'. 'Prana' means breath and 'ayama' means pause. Eastern yogis have used it since time immemorial to obtain wonderful results. Pranayama is the link between the physical body and cosmic energy. Practising 'pranayama' daily can increase mental power, among other powers. 'Pranayama' consists of three distinct parts. Inhalation or 'puraka'; holding or 'kumbhaka'; exhalation or 'rechaka'. The ratio of inhalation, holding and exhalation is 1:4:2. This ratio is for individuals who have mastered it. There are two traditions: one prescribes 1:2:2; the other 1:1:1. 'Pranayama' is best practised in the morning and late evenings, preferably on an empty stomach. Although sitting postures (asana) are described for 'pranayama', beginners should do it lying down. Lie on a mat in a calm place. Relax completely. Draw a deep breath and let the air fill your lungs. One inhalation, holding and exhalation constitute a set. Ideally one should do 15 sets and then gradually do more. There is great power in the thought - more than you can imagine. With each inhalation, soak up powerful magnetic radiations that are charging the body and mind with positive energy, and with each exhalation, cast off negative emotions. As you breathe, concentrate on every portion of the body, starting from the toes upwards. Another powerful tool is auto suggestion. While inhaling, imagine you are absorbing cosmic energy from the environment. Do it for 5 minutes in the beginning. The curative powers of air act as a restorative medicine. Those who practise 'pranayama' never complain of anxiety or frequent headaches.

The writer is a Vedic Guru