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Publication: Times of IndiaPlace: Bangalore Date: Monday, 22nd Dec 2003Page: 3, Bangalore Times (Supplement)

Shrii Guru Arnav

BY:- Sangeeta Cavale, Times News Network

Vedic Scholar Arnav Medhi is also an astrologer, vaastu consultant and motivation trainer. Well versed in gemology and numerology too, he is modern, educated and down to earth. Arnav who is just 26-year-old teaches meditation techniques and mantras to anyone who is a seeker. The present state of astrology is cause for great pain as Arnav believes that superstition and myths abound and so called astrologers who don't have deep knowledge of this science and of the scriptures, often exploit the vulnerable.

"While it has been scientifically established that the moon does affect schizophrenia and heart attacks, a whole lot of misconceptions exist about the effects of saturn (shani) and mars (mangal)."

Going beyond predictions, Arnav suggests and undertakes sacred Vedic rites and rituals that can enhance the positive parts of one's horoscope and deter the negative influences.

"My goal is to demystify the myths that hold back the ordinary individual from experiencing the powers of Vedic spirituality. Everyone can benefit irrespective of  nationality and religion." Arnav plans to open a community centre where spiritual seekers can find answers to their questions and pursue study of the Vedas and meditation techniques. He emphasises the need to learn the correct method of chanting mantras from a proper guru.

Arnav Medhi says that astrology can also diagnoses disease and recommend remedies. Research in planetary gemology and the healing power of gems is his area of specialisation. A member of the Planetary Gemologist Association, a single research institute based in Thailand, Arnav identifies the key planets in one's horoscope and strengthens the positive ones through gemology. He uses only natural gems and checks their quality and purity before recommending them.

Arnav has analysed Sonia Gandhi's horoscope but refuses to disclose anything about it. "This country does not have privacy policies, but I do," he says firmly.

Medhi finds Bangalorans well-informed, intelligent and spiritually aware.