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Publication: Deccan HeraldPlace: Bangalore Date: Monday, 1st March 2004Page: Metro Life III (Supplement)
Shrii Guru Arnav

Arnav Medhi is a new age Vedic guru which is unusual for a young man who has a Bachelors degree in Commerce and an MBA. Apart from his extensive Vedic knowledge he is
well versed in astrology, numerology, gemology and vaastu shastra.

He also teaches meditation techniques and mantras. He emphasises the need for learning the correct method of chanting mantras from a guru to derive the full benefit of the mantra. "Each individual can benefit from an appropriate mantra," he says.

Arnav provides information and suggests appropriate activities based on the study of Vedic charts. He assists people in understanding the present and past and predicts the future relating to relationships, businesses and health. He also suggests and undertakes sacred Vedic rites to enhance positive aspects and deter the negative

Arnav got his calling even as a child which led him to master the Vedas and undergo rigorous spiritual training in Vedic rituals and rites. He also acquired a mastery and competency in gemology, numerology and vaastu shastra. Research in planetary gemology and the healing power of gems is Arnav's area of expertise. He identifies the key planets and strengths through gemology. For him gemology is about prescribing the right gem. He identifies the appropriate gem for an individual and ascertains its quality and purity.

According to Arnav, gems are being widely used as a popular astrological remedy as a measure to counteract adverse planetary effects. They have their own power and attract an individual by their brillance and beauty. The ancient seers of India called them ratnas (jewels) and used them to help a native get over several kinds of problems. Though there are many gemstones, Vedic astrology advocates the use of nine stones to counteract adverse effects of planets.

Gemstones should be carefully selected after determining planetary positions in one's chart ascendant (lagna), planetary cycle and the moon sign. Careful selection of the gem can bring about prosperity, mental peace and success.

There are various methods of choosing the right gem stone. Some would regard that wearing of the gem of the planet plays most favourably in their chart as the best option. However, it is advisable to identify the key planets that control an individual's life and if they are favourably placed, one should wear the gem stone of that planet, he adds.

Arnav is a member of the Planetary Gemologists Association, a research institute of planetary gemology based in Thailand having members worldwide. He also contributes articles to the website and journal of the Association.

He is the Chief Vedic Astrologer and consultant of the portal Arnav Medhi can be contacted on phone 25343583/ 98440-61905.

By:- Michael Patro