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Publication: The Times of IndiaPlace: Bangalore Date: Friday, 13th Feb 2004Page: 1, Bangalore Times (Supplement)

Shrii Guru Arnav

ARNAV MEDHI, Vedic practitioner

"On the significance of numbers"

Is Friday the 13 really a bad day, numerologically speaking ?

An apparently irrational and morbid fear of the number 13 especially coupled with Friday exists among westeners. Triskaidekaphobics (those who suffer from the fear of the number 13) can go to amazing lengths to weed out the number from their lives. In the west Friday has a number of myths about it. A child born on Friday is considered doomed to misfortune, courting and marriage on Friday is considered a folly.

What Is numerology?
It is part of the esoteric sciences that combines astrology and mathematics to make its predictions and recommendations. It analyses the effect of numbers. The numbers 1-9 represent each of the planets and each planet has its own unique character. Planets or grahas are the basis for astrological predictions and the combination of numbers can tell of planetary influences.

What is the background of numerology?
Hindus, Jews, Egyptians and many other ancient cultures had some sort of numerology. Even in Islam the number 786 is considered to represent the Divine. All systems of numerology are based on similar if not the same principles.

Tell us more about 1-9.
These are the nine master numbers. One represents the sun and governs aspects of power, energy, dominance, integrity. Two is the number of the moon and governs aspects
of emotional balance, mental resolve and all that is related to the mother. Jupiter is represented by three and governs aspects of understanding and knowledge, Rahu is represented by four and symbolises materialistic tendencies. Five is the number of mercury and governs the aspects of communication, intellect and skills of diplomacy. Six is the number of venus and governs all creative pursuits and beauty. Seven, the number of ketu is a mystical number and is associated with psychic activity, paranormal consciousness, fantasies. Eight is the number of saturn and symbolises melancholy and all things dark. Nine, the number of Mars represents blood, combat, weapons.

By:- Sangeeta Cavale