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    Natural Red Coral Gemstone

    Buy Red Coral (Munga or Moonga) Stone Online, Moonga Stone Price Per Carat In Bangalore |

    Worth to Know About Red Coral (Moonga)

    Introduction to Red Coral (Moonga) and Facts:Show More

    Red Coral (Moonga) is one of the precious red-colored gemstones and formed inside the depth of the sea by the marine creatures called Coral Polyps. The growth of the stone takes place via the species named Gorgonia Nobilis under the rocky sea bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. The depth is about 10 to 300 meters below the sea level.

    The red coral stone is even harvested from the underwater caves of Alghero, Sardinia, and Atlantic sites. The stone is found in countries like Sri-Lanka, India, Australia, Pakistan, Burma, Brazil, and Afghanistan. However, the Red Coral (Moonga) available in Sri-Lanka is considered super precious in comparison to the others. The most famous varieties of Red Coral that are astrologically effective come from Italy and Japan. The Famous Mediterranean Ox Blood Colour is much coveted in Red Corals.

    The wearing of red coral stone energizes and activates the power of Mars in the horoscope. The coral gemstone helps the wearer troubleshoot the adverse effects of the planet and provide phenomenal success. It assures the individual’s victory over the enemies followed by the sufficient courage to win the race of life. The stone is effective enough in resolving severe health problems and provide mental peace.

    Additionally, the Red Coral (Moonga) provides a protective shield against the evil’s eye. In case the individual is suffering from ‘Manglik Dosha’, the astrologer may recommend wearing the red-colored coral stone in the ring. The greatest advantages include improved financial status, stress removal, boosting of self-esteem, overcoming debts, business success, job promotion, assured long life of the wearer, and several others.

    The initiative towards wearing the red coral stone must be taken after the astrologer’s advice. It should never be treated like a casual stone to wear without any reason. The unnecessary wearing of gemstone can even lead to major losses. The wearing of red coral gemstone strengthens the condition of Mars inside the horoscope leading to achieve good health, wealth, and success throughout life.

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    Benefits of Red Coral (Moonga):

    Red Coral(Moonga) provides amazing courage to the wearer and provide victory against the enemies.

    • Red Coral (Moonga) is exceptional in providing mental strength and thereby helps to face unwanted hurdles in life. Vedic astrology mentions it be the precious gemstone for the betterment of the future. Show More

    • The Red Coral stone helps in overcoming the issues of laziness, procrastination, mental depression, and listlessness. The confidence level gets boost up, helping to achieve the zenith of self-esteem.

    • The certified Red Coral (Moonga) the anger issues of the wearer. In case the individual fails to control the temperament and gets into anger instantly, this stone seems magical in such cases.

    • The coral gemstone seems iconic in resolving the Manglik Dosha. The adverse effect of this issue leads to bitterness in relationships, delays in marriage, frequent illness, poor economical conditions, & others.

    • Wearing red-colored coral gemstone provides unseen protection against the black magic, evil’s eye, and ensures the long and healthy life of the wearer.

    • The positive side of the Red Coral (Moonga) even comes out in the form of enriched blood purification. The wearer gets instant relief from the ski issues including the acne, boils, etc.

    • The Red Coral Stone energizes the positive effects of Mars leading to good health and improved mental health. The individuals find themselves fortunate throughout life even in struggles situations.

    • The individuals including doctors (especially surgeons), army officers, businessmen, scientists, real-estate personnel, police, weapon manufacturing individuals, find the Moonga stone extremely beneficial.

    • The wearing of red coral gemstone helps in providing relief from the unwanted debts.

    • The Red Coral (Moonga) helps individuals in overcoming from severe health issues and deadly diseases. It provides relief even from blood cancer, kidney problems, asthma, grouts, paralysis, vitality loss, piles, sexual vigor, cuts, wounds, and several others.

    • The coral-stone even proves beneficial in the menstrual issues including gallstones, appendicitis, problems in breathing, and many more. Be assured of living a disease-free and healthy life after getting this stone.

    • To View the top 10 benefits of red Coral Please click here.

    Physical Properties of Coral Gemstone:

    The chief ingredient of Red Coral (Moonga) is Calcium Carbonate. The formation process of the coral stone takes place deep inside the sea level at a moderate depth inside the warm water region. The Calcareous Skeletons of Myriads of Tiny Polyps acts as the major cause of the gemstone generation.

    The specific gravity of the red coral gemstone varies in the range 2.68 along with the hardness around 3-4 on the Moh’s scale. The gemstone appears opaque and appears as fibers coming out of the centralized axis of curved coral branches. The refractive index lies between 1.486 to 1.658. The red coral stone turns black or even burns when exposed to the heat, or put forward in the flame of jeweler’s torch.

    The stone has a dusky appearance and available in capsule, oval, and triangular shapes. The coral gemstone appears in different colors in nature with individual utilities. However, the red, pink, black, white, and blue colored coral stone is available in plenty. There stands specific importance of different colored Moonga stone as per the astrological beliefs. The stone cleaning processes are recommended to be done with soapy/warm water.

    To know more about the Physical and Chemical Properties of Red Coral please click here.

    Who Should Wear Red Coral (Moonga):

    The Red Coral (Moonga) is recommended to wear under the authentic astrological advice from the expert. The Kundali of the individual is minutely examined and the situation of the planet Mars is analyzed. The gemstone is worn to improve the effectiveness of Mars inside the Kundali and provide the auspicious results.

    A person suffering from the ‘Manglik Dosha’ can prefer wearing the Red Coral (Moonga) after taking the expert’s opinion. In case the person feels weakness, unstable health and wealth conditions, lack of confidence, mental depression, unhappiness, and unwanted fear, he/she can consult the consultant and get a Moonga ring.

    The adverse effects of Mars even lead to unwanted delays in the individual’s marriage. The obstacles unnecessarily put the hindrances and never let the things aligned. The person remains badly affected by severe health issues and deadly diseases. At all such conditions, the individuals can expect the good sides of the coral stone. The planetary conditions get catalyzed and the improvements start appearing at the life’s phases.

    To know Whether Mars position in the birth horoscope advocates the use of Red Coral please click here.

    Quality of Red Coral (Moonga):

    Red Coral (Moonga) appears extremely beautiful numerous benefits in favor of the wearer. Getting the stone in the formats of the ring, necklace, and pendants help overcome numerous troubles as mentioned above.

    Basic quality red coral gemstone (moonga): This red coral stone is retrieved from the Indian/ Italian origin. The price per carat varies in the range of Rs.200-Rs.500 as per the purchasing destination. This red coral moonga looks light orange having marks, spots, and appears very dull at first sight.

    Medium quality red coral gemstone: This stone varies in the range Rs.400-Rs.1200 per carat depending upon the shop category. The stone is often recommended by the astrologers. The stone appears a little shiny with light orange to reddish color.

    High-quality red coral gemstone: This coral gemstone varies in the range of Rs.1000-Rs.2000 per carat in the Indian market. The appearance is very shiny and smooth with dark blood red stone color. These stones appear dark red without any spots or marks. Recommended for use by the astrologers.

    Very high-quality red coral gemstone: This category of red coral stone is highly advisable by the globally-renowned astrologers all across the world. The rate per carat varies in the range Rs.3500-Rs.7000 depending upon the buying destination. The stones Japanese origin moonga gemstone appear orangish to medium reddish. However, the Italian origin stones appear blood red.

    How to Identify Fake Red Coral (Moonga):

    • There never existed any marks/ spots at the back/ dorsal side of the fake red coral (moonga). Opposite to the same, the original moonga stone has marks at the dorsal side just like the grain effects.

    • The fake red coral (moonga) sellers will never provide any certificate of authenticity of the product. However, the original coral stone dealers will provide the certificate of genuineness.

    • The fake gemstone appears too much vivid or darker in appearance.

    • The fake moonga stone will let you feel warmer in the palm after keeping for some time. However, the original stone will never reflect such effects.

    • Being fragile, the red coral (moonga) is very often prone to scratches. It can even break and never appears very hard in appearance. However, the fake coral stone exists in opposition to it and resembles a harder appearance.

    • The magnifier will let you see the bubbles inside the fake red coral stone.

    All the above-mentioned points are enough to differentiate between an original and a fake red coral gemstone. For a detailed discussion of how to differentiate between real red coral and fake red coral please click here. To find out the authentic test for finding real Red Coral please click here.

    What is Lakshmi Moonga or Triangular Red Coral Moonga:

    Lakshmi Moonga or the triangular Red Coral (Moonga) is extremely significant in comparison to the other available categories. This coral gemstone is believed to be especially blessed by Goddess Lakhmi. The wearer gets benefits in terms of increased financial situations, healthy lifestyles, and enormous happiness.

    It is believed that the shape of Mars in the Navagraha Mandal is triangular and therefore, the red coral stone in triangular shape gives added benefits to the wearer.

    Lakshmi Moonga is the most recommended gemstones by astrologers all around the world. The stone has extensive ray reflection properties followed by smooth structure, color, and shine.

    • Lakshmi Moonga boosts up the confidence level, potential, and intellect within the person.

    • The stone flourishes the missed fortune and helps gain success everywhere.

    • It results to regain the lost health and recover from the deadly diseases.

    • Troubleshoots financial difficulties and helps maintain a royal lifestyle.

    • Controls the unnecessary anger within the individuals.

    • Acts as a vital medium to get relief from the ‘Manglik Dosh’.

    The stone is advised to wear on Tuesday having at least 6 carats in weight. The ring metal advised to be kept in gold mixed with silver, or the copper. The auspicious time to wear stone is one hour after the sunrise. For complete information on Lakshmi Moonga please click here.

    Tips to Buy Red Coral (Moonga):

    • Always prefer buying the certified red coral (moonga) from the authentic sellers. Ask for the certificate of purity adhering to the guidelines of purity by the government. The Gold standard for identifying Genuine and authentic Red Coral is the Raman Spectroscopy test. All Red Corals at Gemstoneuniverse are certified by Raman Spectroscopy by independent authentic Gem Labs. To know more about Raman Spectroscopy please click this link.

    • Ensure the facts inside the certificate including the Moh’s scale ratings and specific gravity. The ideal red coral stone will have Moh’s rating of above 3.5 with the specific gravity in the range 2.65-2.68.

    The original red coral gemstones will be opaque with a refractive index of 1.48.

    • Never get inclined towards the gemstones having fashionable names like Taiwanese red coral. These are never original and made with hard plastic materials. The Indian market is filled with fake coral made up of camel bone or reconstituted materials. Always insist on a certificate that gives authenticity based on Raman Spectroscopy.

    • The original red coral (moonga) will exhibit a wood grain texture when viewed via a magnifier. The non-original stones will never show such properties and appear fake at first glance.

    It is mandatory to visit the dealer’s website before initiating the purchase. The genuine online/ offline dealers will never hesitate in letting you check the originality of the seller using the site.

    • The red coral gemstone seller should be compliant with the stone return policy. In case of any dissatisfaction, the seller should accept the red coral (moonga) without any unnecessary questions.

    Finger and Ring Metal to Wear Red Coral (Moonga):

    Red Coral (Moonga) should be worn on the ring finger. This finger is even termed as ‘Anamika’ in Hindi or Sanskrit. This finger is known to attract the sun’s energy and provide the wearer with exceptional potentials.

    Sun is even the leader of all the nine planets in ‘Navagraha’. Mars, being the friend of Sun, helps the individuals in getting the benefits after wearing the stone in a ring format.

    • The ring metal should be made with gold metal along with the mixtures of copper inside it. In case one cannot afford gold, he/ she can go for the silver ring and have the coral stone with trust.

    • The auspicious day of wearing the ring is Tuesday and the preferred time is one hour after the sunrise.

    • The recommended weight of the red coral gemstone by the international astrologers is at least 4-6 carats.

    • Before wearing the red coral gemstone, one must immerse it inside the cow’s milk, or the Gangajal to pull out entire negativity within the stone. This step is not required if there is a full fledged Vedic Consecration of the Red Coral. More details on the Sacred Pooja can be found by clicking here.

    • It is advisable to turn towards the east direction before wearing the gemstone ring.

    • Recite the holy mantra ‘Om Bhaum Bhaumaya Namah’ for 108 times, and wear it with complete trust. Pray to almighty God for extreme wellness in the future.

    Price of Red Coral (Moonga) and Where to Buy:

    We are the authentic suppliers of Red Coral (Moonga) online. You can have the gemstone after placing the order via our website Go ahead in choosing the required category of red coral stone, let us know your preferred stone weight in carats, and proceed to purchase the same.

    The natural organic red coral (moonga) having 4.45 carats of weight with Italian origin will be priced at $413.655 / INR 26, 205. The red coral gemstone price starts as low as $40-$45 per carat and goes up depending upon the stone category. Depending upon the preferred carat, the price of the stone goes high with every single parameter. In general Japanese red Corals are priced higher than Italian Red Corals even though astrologically the results are the same provided the corals are authentic Jyotish Quality Gemstones.

    We provide the lab certificates to the purchaser and commits towards the originality of the stone. Our clients are located all across the world and appear globally as the brand name of authentic red coral (moonga) supplier. Moreover, one can even move towards the other authentic online gemstone sellers and get the one for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The information provided below is generic and may be modified as per the birth chart or unique objectives of the wearer. Always give preference to the advice of expert, astrologer, Astro-gemologist over general guidelines.

    1. How to wear a Coral (Moonga) stone?

    Answer: You can wear Coral Moonga stone after getting it from the authentic gemstone seller. Get it made with the metal ring having gold/ copper as the chief constitution. Their mixture can also be a good choice of having it. Keep the ring inside a container full of cow’s milk, and Gangajal. On Tuesday and after an hour of sunrise, keep on reciting the Beej Mantra i.e. ‘Om Bhaum Bhaumaya Namah’, for 108 times and wear it on your ring finger.

    2. How to buy natural Coral (Moonga) stone?

    Answer: You can choose among the best Coral (Moonga) supplier online. Prefer having the purchase from the one who provides the authentic and original moonga stone with a certificate of genuineness. Get the stone tested and verify the originality using the several tips and tricks. Choose among the criteria including the stone’s origin, specific gravity, refractive index, carat, and the gemstone’s physical properties like colors. Take a wise decision to come to us at to have a reliable and authentic red coral stone for you.

    3. Where to buy original Coral (Moonga) stone?

    Answer: Coral (Moonga) stone can be purchased from authentic online or offline suppliers. Make sure to get the certification of genuineness from the sellers. The genuine and authentic sellers will always provide you the original moonga stone with the original stone properties. is the most valuable and reliable marketplace to have the stone without any doubts. Visit the website, browse through the numerous stone categories, pick up your preferred requirements, place the order, and get the stone.

    4. How to check the quality of Coral (Moonga) stone?

    Answer: The quality of Coral (Moonga) stone can be checked in numerous ways. Take the Red Coral (Moonga) and pour it in a glass full of milk. Leave it for some time and watch the color of milk. In the case of the color changes, the red coral stone will be considered original.

    Keep the coral stone on the white cloth and see via a magnifying glass. The fake gemstone will let you see smaller droplets, or granules like structure. Last, but not the least, tub the turmeric with a red coral gemstone. If the color of the turmeric changes to red, it will be considered a fake stone, and should never be purchased.

    5. Who should wear a Coral (Moonga) stone?

    Answer: Coral (Moonga) stone should be worn after taking the expert astrologer’s advice. Moreover, if the individual is struggling with ‘Manglik Dosha’ like an issue in the Kundali, he/ she can prefer having the red coral stone. Additionally, the persons having regular struggles in his life in terms of poor financial conditions, bad health, deadly diseases, lack of confidence, fear of enemies, misfortune, etc, just move to take the expert’s advice and have one for you. It is never advisable to wear the stone without astrological advice. The individual’s Mar’s condition in the horoscope gets strengthened after having the stone.

    6. What is the benefit of wearing Red Coral (Moonga)?

    Answer: The Red Coral stone helps in overcoming the issues of laziness, procrastination, mental depression, and listlessness. The confidence level gets boost up, helping to achieve the zenith of self-esteem and success. The Red Coral Stone energizes the positive effects of Mars leading to good health and improved mental health. The individuals find themselves fortunate throughout life even at struggled life situations. You can have improved financial status, good health, mental stability, and courage to achieve the goal of success. The unwanted hurdles will start getting sorted out and you will feel empowered to have the name and fame in your life.

    7. In which should we wear a Coral (Moonga)?

    Answer: Coral Moonga should be worn in the ring finger. This finger is even termed as ‘Anamika’ in Hindi and Sanskrit. This finger is believed to have direct connectivity with Mars and Sun. The auspicious relationship between Mars and Sun helps the individuals gain exceptional success after having the stone in the ring.

    8. How much does Coral (Moonga) stone cost?

    Answer: Coral (Moonga) gemstone costs differently depending upon the quality of the stone. There even comes a difference in the rates depending upon the sellers. However, in general, the initial costing of the original coral gemstone starts in the range of $40-$45 per carat. The rates increases concerning the stone’s category.


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