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Publication: Jet Wings - International Edition Date: May 2013
Re-do your Karma with Planetary Gems

It all started very quietly — as one man's passion for reviving an age-old science of planetary gemology and a strong will to help individuals with tangible results through it. It's not quite often that the age-old science of jyotish gems finds a mention in the Wall Street Journal or that an endeavour of this sort creates a buzz worldwide, having been talked about in the Fortune magazine.

The color revolution that started a more than a decade ago as Gemstoneuniverse, the brainchild of Guruji Shrii Arnav in Bangalore, continues to grow from strength to strength. Gemstoneuniverse is an organisation devoted to planetary gemology and Vedic astrology. Over the years, Gemstoneuniverse has grown with a phenomenal virtual presence to become one of the leading exporters of coloured gemstones and caters to a global clientele.

Gemstoneuniverse made a landmark achievement recently when it launched a 3,500 sq. ft. boutique store dedicated singularly to natural and treatment-free coloured gemstones in Indiranagar. It is a one-of-its-kind natural gemstone boutique in the world where the finest gems from across the world can be seen and bought.

"Gemstoneuniverse is trying to bring a much desired semblance into the market of coloured gemstones, where the trade has been very arbitrary due to lack of set standards. This makes people who are genuinely looking for good quality gems very vulnerable. Every person at Gemstoneuniverse is GIA and PGA certified. You do not have run of the mill sales staff but highly educated and relevantly qualified individuals passionate about jyotish as well as gems. Rest assured every endeavour is made to educate the clientele so that they are able to make a very informed choice," says Abhijita Kulshrestha, Director, Gemstoneuniverse, who is also the principal astro-gemmologist in the organisation.

"The greater interest lies in giving people a gemstone remedy that works for them. People generally turn to planetary gemology if they are already firm believers in the metaphysical powers of gems or when they have been stonewalled by life in some way — usually it is career, finances, relationship issues or health-related matters that drive them to seek natural gem therapy remedies. There is a vast number of people who have seen a sea change in life after implementing planetary gem therapy. The unscrupulous elements who palm off cheap trinkets to unsuspecting people have really done a disservice to the gems. It is our endeavour to restore semblance and bring in standardisation by offering lab certification and assuring authenticity of gems," she adds.

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