Overcome Delay and Restore Love in Married Life

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Publication: Times of India Place: Bangalore Date: 25 Apr 2013Page: Supplement - Wedding in Style; Page:2
Gemstones for harmony in relationships

Relationships are the key stone of joyful, balanced life and marriage is the most important. It is only sensible that individuals should check for compatibility. Vedic astrology suggests remedies for overcoming delay in marriage and also for increasing blissfulness in married life.

Noted astrologer and G1A certified gemologist Abhijita Kulshrestha says, "Many female individuals who experience delay or discord in marital life benefit tremendously from wearing a yellow sapphire. However, generalised planetary gem therapy should be avoided and planetary or jyotish gems should be worn only after getting a proper astrological analysis of birthchart, quite specifically the 7th house and also the position of Mars, Jupiter and Venus. One must also consider whether the individual male or female, suffers from manglik dosha or not."

"For men, it is extremely important to analyse the position of Venus for making any recomm endation for harmony relationships," she adds.

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