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Publication: Times of India Place: Bangalore Date: 06 Sep 2012Page: Bangalore Times
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Oftentimes, professional life or career graph is not very satisfying or rewarding even if you put in your best. The reason could be either of these  - plodding in the wrong direction or discounting the value of timing things right. You can leverage the power of Vedic astrology and planetary gemology to overcome hurdles that seem to beset your path to progress. Natural jyotish quality gems can give wings to your ambitions and pave way for personal progress.

"For instance, individuals with a strong Mercury may be drawn towards and be successful in careers related to trading, finance, IT and accountancy etc. A natural emerald can do wonder for such an individual's career growth. However, it is best to get a proper gem recommendation and a jyotish quality gemstone, before implementing planetary gem therapy", says Abhijita Kulshrestha, (PGA and GIA certified) Astro-gemologist at Gemstoneuniverse.

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