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    Abhijita Kulshrestha
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    Aries/ Mesha
    (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

    Aries The individuals born under this sign may focus more on their own emotional needs and gratification during this period. There is emphasis on looking good and making a good impression - whether it is at work or in personal life. You may spend a significant sum of money on personal effects. There may be a little discomfort towards end of the week is due to seasonal ailments. Focus on exercise and diet will help

    (Apr 20 - May 20)

    Taurus The Taurus born individuals may find that the positive developments unfolding over the last couple weeks give a big boost to yourself confidence. You are in a forward-looking frame of mind and it helps to chalk out a definite plan of growth. There is travel as well as long-term thinking at play. You want to consolidate assets and build legacy. A Big and impactful project maybe initiated during this time.

    Mr.Maheshwar Singh
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (May 21 - Jun 20)

    Gemini The coming week has a strong line-up of important events for the Gemini born individuals. There are deals signed and now you may have some clear goals to work towards. It is exciting and travel is involved. Some Geminis may establish connections with influential people. You may even find avenues for work opening up in new places. There is a strong sense of “do-good” as well as spiritual inclination that rises within.

    (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

    Cancer The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac are likely to be completely engrossed in work. There are different demands on your time and there could be some irritability that causes you to react sharply in a few situations. It will be better if you can maintain poise. All your effort and dedication may get mired by this display of displeasure. Colds, cough and allergies may affect health.

    (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

    Leo It is a mixed week for the Leo individuals. While it is exciting to start with a new project or at a new place of work, there may be a niggling streak of restlessness in your mind. You may not like resistance to your plans or suggestions - offered either at home or at work place. There is suspicion about intent of people and it could lead to anxiety. It is a time where you must inspire confidence in your team by displaying steadfastness and consistency.

    Dr.Meenal Rathi
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

    Virgo The Virgo born individuals may initiate a new relationship during this time- professional partnerships take off beautifully, after a few initial hiccups. Of course, being accommodative is the essential ingredient of success. There is also interest in taking some time off -possibly for a leisure trip abroad with loved ones. There are significant expenses during this phase too, but you understand the importance of doing things at the right time, so you take it in your stride.

    (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

    Libra/Tula This could be a slightly tough week for the Libra born individuals. There could be difficult conversations or about work and emotionally charged. It will be absolutely essential to maintain a sense of balance in a public setting. Refrain from taking any knee-jerk decisions. Outings and fun times with friends in later half of the week make it up. People in the sports and automotive industry do well.

    Anya P
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

    Scorpio The coming week is a good time for the Scorpio born individuals. There is a possibility of high praise and recognition for good work. Those in business activity get new opportunities. This is also a good phase as your able leadership and motivating spirit could help drive people to achieve greater things. Social occasions and bonding with extended family bring in cheer.

    (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

    Sagittarius This is a period that could bring mixed results for the Sagittarius individuals. However, there also comes the possibility in this phase where effective Management and handling of the crisis or conflict establish your position professionally. There will be a state of uncertainty regarding work and some financial glitch that may cause you worry also. Sound advice from a mentor and staying away from impulsive actions will help greatly.

    Javeed Ansari
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

    Capricorn This week could be a period where there is an awakening of sorts. Perhaps a slightly disturbed state of health forces you to reconsider your lifestyle and choices. You may consciously work on your thought patterns as well as dependencies A new wardrobe, proper fitness regimen and working to keep your relationships in a healthier space become top priorities. A trip abroad could be planned during this time.

    (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

    Aquarius The Aquarius born individuals are likely to have a hectic week which includes not just work related responsibilities but also care for elderly in the family - there would be health concerns, especially of people in the extended family and on the in-laws side. You may commit by yourself to service and welfare activities purely for helping others. Some Aquarius individuals may start efforts for establishing a different business.

    Shri Rajkumar Tulshyan
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

    Pisces The coming week is a good time where some project you may have initiated a while ago, comes to fruition stage. There could be a big financial gain or gain of a rather large contract that gives you a sense of achievement as well as security. Some of the Pisces individuals could consider a proposal to work in partnership. You may explore artistic talent and even consider giving it a serious twist to augment income.

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