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Aries/ Mesha
(Mar 21 - Apr 19)

AriesThe coming week brings a lot of work in its wake for the Aries born individuals and you may be caught by surprise if you have not prepared adequately in the past. However, you could receive much acclaim for your vision and ability, if you have done enough spade to deal with the increased work. You may need to run around mostly for work/ meetings. Do try to give your loved ones full time and attention when you are with them.

(Apr 20 - May 20)

TaurusThe individuals born under the sign of Taurus can be sure that there is lots of work to deal with and hectic schedules to be managed. You may be given a key position to iron out an important deal and in the longer run represent your organization. You gain the confidence of the top people in your area of work. Personal life could take a toll on account of a busy professional life.

Mr.Maheshwar Singh
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(May 21 - Jun 20)

Gemini There could be a great opportunity beckoning the Geminis and you need to brace for change, gather your reserves and focus in the direction of growth. This could not work out as well if your focus is scattered. You may be handling a big responsibility or spearheading a project with a lot riding on it. It will not be just about money, the prestige that comes associated with the new role will make your loved ones immensely proud of you. It is happy week for the homemakers.

(Jun 21 - Jul 22)

Cancer In many ways, Cancer born folk could begin to get over the introspective phase and into a frame of mind where you decide to take action and accomplish meaningful things. Do not judge your work by other people’s yardstick. It may be the start of a new venture/ project; seriously pursuing a hobby or even engaging in charity work. You will experience a deeply felt urge to find a higher purpose in life. There could be a few worries around money that affect your peace of mind.

(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

LeoThe coming week should find the Leo born folk in a much better position to face the challenges as your mental unrest about other people not doing their share of work, dies down. It is best to make do with what you have right now, including taking care of your responsibilities and giving your best. There could be quick development in matters related to purchase of property or a new vehicle. Don’t be scared to enjoy a good event.

Dr.Meenal Rathi
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(Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Virgo This week, things definitely become better for the Virgo born folk as your mind gets preoccupied with work and dismisses what is missing in life and what you have given up. There can be some handsome financial gains made, if you are quick to grab an opportunity. You may want to give yourself a relaxation and rejuvenation break. Please remember that just do not get involved in a relationship because it appears enticing.

(Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Libra/Tula The Libra born individuals could be in a reinvention mode and the best path would be to disengage your expectations from others, revisit your own positive and negative attributes. Once you have a real idea of what your personal challenges are, your efforts will automatically get directed in the right direction. You may be called in to attend to surprise guest and even organize a small social event. There could be some digestive issues, especially with a sedentary lifestyle.

Anya P
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(Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Scorpio The Scorpio born individuals may need to be slightly stronger than usual. Events occur in this phase that may cause you to doubt the certainty of a deal going through. You may get really irritated and impatient as you have been exceptionally accomodating. Don’t give in to such feelings and wait it out. It will happen when it is destined to, but be wise about putting in any more money. Trust your instinct and undertake some activities that relax you. Couples may need to be a little careful. Keeping secrets can be dangerous.

(Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Sagittarius This could be the moment for the Sagittarius born folk. There are indications of professional success and some major breakthrough in this phase. You have worked hard in the past and now is the time when you bag important deals, make a profit and a name for yourself as well. Don’t flinch if you see some crazy demands coming your way. It could involve sudden travel or providing a slightly big sum to help others.

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(Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Capricorn The Capricorn born individuals may have been fatigued somewhat by the ongoing work demands. You may want to indulge yourself and engage in some happy purchases. Do be cautious in your interactions with others. It is not ‘being nice’ if you stay silent when another person oversteps your boundaries. You will need to learn to be assertive without being aggressive – a fine balance indeed.

(Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Aquarius The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac could be considering a job change or starting a new venture in this phase. You need a solid planning and brainstorming with a trusted senior person to lay out a trajectory for your growth and to have a clear path. There will be some social event in this phase. Don’t overspend in just trying to impress the people around you. Some expenses on account of health could be incurred too.

Shri Rajkumar Tulshyan
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(Feb 19 - Mar 20)

PiscesThe Pisces folk really need to be watchful of your sentiments in this phase. There will be certain intensity in the way you feel about things and displaying it is not necessarily the best thing you can do for yourself in this phase. You may put off the people with an angry outburst, when a calm discussion can resolve it. Some of you may consider a career abroad and may begin the process. Those suffering from excess body heat, allergies or rashes should be careful, especially about diet.

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