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    Abhijita Kulshrestha
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    Aries/ Mesha
    (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

    Aries The Aries born individuals are likely to have a good week ahead of them as they travel and mingle with people from different backgrounds. You are keen to widen your horizons and this does not simply bring enjoyment but there are some fantastic knowledge exchange interactions also. Some of the Aries individuals May purchase or could be gifted an expensive luxury item. You will be drawn to brighter colours.

    (Apr 20 - May 20)

    Taurus The Taurus born individuals are likely to have their focus on money matters in the coming period. There are financial concerns and you look at securing your loved ones as well. Some of the Taurus individuals may initiate conversations with like-minded people for work collaboration. Those engaged in freelancing work may find it tad difficult as there could be a little difficulty in getting along with quirks and eccentricities of people you professionally engagement. Being objective and practical will help tremendously.

    Mr.Maheshwar Singh
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (May 21 - Jun 20)

    Gemini The Gemini born individuals are likely to be more concerned with family matters and in dealing with issues that concern loved ones and children. You go all out to address emotional points and spend some really wonderful moments with them. There may be a perceptive shift in the approach to your health and interpersonal skills as well. A long pending project comes to a close giving you much relief. Money that had been stuck in a bad deal has a possibility of coming back to you now.

    (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

    Cancer The coming week is a time where the Cancer born individuals may require to bring out the best and most amiable aspect of their personality. You get to meet more as well as significantly influential people, who may contribute your life in different ways. You could experience overwhelming emotions - please understand that while it is essential to be honest with yourself, it is important to respect boundaries and also that you shouldn’t expect similar feelings in return.

    (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

    Leo The Leo born individuals may be in for a good time this week. There is work but there could be other exciting things also - you may plan a long distance trip and work on financial arrangement for the same. It could be a long held dream coming true. It is a research oriented phase also and you may diligently study/ explore something new of great interest. The creative ones may apply their minds to a home project all by themselves. There is increased expenditure but nothing you cannot handle.

    Dr.Meenal Rathi
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

    Virgo Individuals born under the sign of Virgo may have a wonderful time as there is good news as well as some amazing experiences put together in this phase. Those of you expecting results from a competitive exam, do amazingly well and draw appreciation. There is also the chance of travel to some exotic location. It will be great to acknowledge effort of other people who are supportive bring meaning to your life.

    (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

    Libra/Tula It is a good time for the Libra born individuals. Some of you may begin a new project or a job in a new organisation altogether. There is excitement and you look forward to a new challenge. Some of the Libra folk may now be required to travel significantly more than usual. Later half of the week is lot more favourable when you receive monetary reward money stuck is returned to you. Conversations with older siblings need to be handled a lot more diplomatically as they may be quite sensitive in this phase.

    Anya P
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

    Scorpio It is a period of mixed emotions for the Scorpio born individuals. You are likely to receive material gains and benefits but it does not thrill you as one may have expected. There is great progress to be made in intellectual and spiritual capacities however. You may seek out company of wise people to find meaning. Individuals who may be dealing with heartbreak are likely to begin to heal. Stomach problems may cause discomfort.

    (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

    Sagittarius This is definitely a better week for the Sagittarius born individuals as there are opportunities and insights to lead the way forward. There may be delight at getting something exactly in the way you wanted it, or an event occurring just at in time to help you with a tedious problem. You are happy to share the good fortune and happiness with loved ones and friends - you may organise a gathering to mark the same. Some Sagittarius individuals may be quite close to completing a creative project.

    Javeed Ansari
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

    Capricorn The coming week maybe a time where the Capricorn individual could feel a little stretched and pushed as there are too many things to handle in a short span of time. There maybe worries about the slackening pace of work and you put an additional hours to take care of pending matters. It will be really important to keep your temper in check. Also using sharp words and sarcasm could prove to be counterproductive. Seasonal allergies and exhaustion can create hurdles.

    (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

    Aquarius The coming week is all about getting your thinking hat on and work on a problem or any issue that has been bothering you. This could be even a career related dilemma. Academics and re-skilling feature very strongly in this period. You may be motivated to study even spiritual/ philosophical subjects during this time. There could be some disagreement at home, a slight difficulty in getting along with in-laws because of a miscommunication.

    Shri Rajkumar Tulshyan
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

    Pisces The Pisces born individuals may find this week a tad bit contentious- there could be some issues with spouse/ partner and it gets complicated when no one wants to yield ground. There maybe talks around handling of finances around sale/ purchase / renting of a property and differing points of view could lead to heated discussions. It is absolutely essential to keep your cool and not operate from a place of stubbornness and ego. Children bring good news.

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