Shri Ketu Shanti & Mahaganpati Yagya and Shanti at Gemstoneuniverse | Best Remedy for Ketu

Pic: Sri Dhumravarna Maha Ganapati- the Smoke Hued Lord Ganesha- To be invoked with powerful Vedic and Tantrik Mantra

ॐ एकदन्ताय विद्महे वक्रतुंडाय धीमहि तन्नो बुदि्ध प्रचोदयात

ॐ कें केतवे नमः

ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नमः


By the Supreme Grace of Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Ganesha and Under the guidance of the Grandmaster- Revered and Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav a very powerful spiritual and esoteric ritual and Yagya is being undertaken for Lok Kalyana( Public Good) and for propitiation and Shanti ( To bring peace and Blessings) of the might headless planet ( Ketu).




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"You Donate We Serve Together we make Humanity Win"

All Proceeds will be used for Social Service and Lok Kalyan- Common Good


Lord Ketu

The Mighty Ketu is a headless planet and represents the south node. Ketu in its periods gives the results of the Karmas (action) of the past lives.

In Many cases if the individual is not spiritually empowered or oriented these periods can be a period of severe trauma, fear, anxiety, financial losses and in extreme cases gives incurable diseases, problems from the law, loss of position, mysterious incurable diseases and in certain position loss of limb and even death.

Since Ketu is a Headless Planet One can lose sense of direction, purpose and make several incorrect financial and career related decisions.

It can cause severance of Relations with loved ones, un-wanted transfers and travel and in certain cases psychological ailments, depression, propensity towards deviant behaviour and violence, loss of reputation and progeny, problem from law and police, injury through fire, enemies or a sharp weapon etc.

The Mahasankalpa Ketu Mahashanti Pooja & Yagya



For Getting Relief from Planet Ketu Related problems and bring success, peace and blessings a mighty spiritual exercise is being undertaken at two power spiritual Shastras( spiritually potent areas) under the guidance of revered & Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav and the blessings and guidance of other enlightened Gurus.

Planet Ketu and Lord Mahaganpati will be invoked in both the Vedic as well as Tantrik Traditions for full effectivity in the powerful areas of Sri Cauvery Sangam at Sri Rangapatna in Mysore Karnataka India and the mighty Chao Phraya river in the Wat Yannawa Temple in Thailand on very powerful days and planetary combinations starting on Dev Shayani Ekadashi on 10th July with program completion on 15th July which is the culmination of Jaya Parvati Vrata. Patrons are advised to take full blessings of this rare program on these rare dates with powerful Celestial Power.





For Domestic Patron OnlyPay INR(₹) 15,000 - Prafulla Seva & Kit


For International PatronPay USD($) 230 - Prafulla Seva & Kit


"You Donate We Serve Together we make Humanity Win"

All Proceeds will be used for Social Service and Lok Kalyan- Common Good


Key Dates and Information for Year 2022


10th July: Mantra Chanting Starts on Devshayni Ekadashi. 17000 mantras each the Vedic and the Tantrik Way will be chanted for patron benefits. Mantra chanting to be continued till 15th July

13th July: Guru Purnima special aahutis by Revered and Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav for patrons. Guru Yagya. This is also effective for people who have Guru-Ketu conjunction in the birth chart or the chart indicates some Karmic Debt or curse by the Guruji Energies

15th July: Completion of Yagya( offering of sacred herbs etc to the holy fire) and Purna Aahutis.- Also Indicates the culmination of Jaya Parvati Vrata.

Additional Poojas and Prayogas for maximum blessings and power:

Rudraabhisek- For protection from evil eye, enemies, court cases, injuries.

Amrit Sanjeevani Prayoga- Invocation of Lord Shiva as Mahamrityunjaya to overcoe disease, fear and death.

Ganpati Atharva Sheesha Pooja and Homa ( Before Sunrise): Very powerful Sacred Prayer of Lord Gansha unknown to most.





In addition to the regular Ketu articles some extra and special donations will be undertaken to complete blessings of Sri Ketu Maharaj and Sri Ganesha

  • Offerings of Live Fishes to the River and Freeing to Captive Snakes in the forest area.
  • Offering of Wheat Balls to fishes and sea organisms.
  • Offering of a Tawny( Reddish Brown) Milk giving Goat and Its Baby to a Brahmin Family who will rear the Goat in its lifetime and offer the milk to poor.
  • Offering of Satnaja( 7 types) of Grains to Birds.
  • Offering of Medicines and Medical Supplies for Needy
  • Offering of Amrit Kalpa ( Mixture of Sacred Herbs) to overcome diseases and restore vitality after sacred prayers to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganpati and Ketu Maharaj.
  • Offering of Smoky coloured Blankets to Homeless to tide over winter season.
  • Organization of Feeding of Poor People in the name of Patrons.
  • Organization of Feeding of Dervishes( Mendicants) in the Name of Patrons.
  • Offering of Vijaya Dhawaja( Offering of the flag of Victory) to Ma Durga and Ganesha for the benefits of Patrons.
  • On All 5 days the Jyotish Gemstones of Ketu- Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl would be consecrated and energized.






For Domestic Patron OnlyPay INR(₹) 3,500 for Punravatti Seva


For International PatronPay USD($) 55 for Punravatti Seva


"You Donate We Serve Together we make Humanity Win"

All Proceeds will be used for Social Service and Lok Kalyan- Common Good


For whom these Poojas and Yagyas/Homas Will be beneficial

Even though these powerful rituals will benefit all, these poojas are most relevant for the following:

  • Those Under Ketu Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha-Ketu Planetary Periods.
  • Those Under adverse Ketu Transit ( Cancer-Kark, Leo- Simha, Virgo- Kanya, Libra- Tula, Capricorn- Makar, Pisces-Meen- Moon sign or Rashi).
  • Ketu in the first, 2nd, 4th, 8th or 12th house in the natal horoscope
  • Those with Ketu-Sun, Ketu- Moon, Jupiter- Ketu Combinations in the horoscope.
  • Those who have Ketu related problems( see above)
  • Those afflicted with legal problems and fear or dreams of snakes.


What is needed for Participation?

Currently you can participate in 4 ways and in of the 4 sevas what is needed is only your Name and Rashi (Moon Sign). In absence of Rashi please scan a picture of your Right Palm (Optional).

All donations are Voluntary and Tax exempt*

Indian Nationals Click Here to Donate

Non Indian Nationals Click Here to Donate

Nishulka Seva

Those who are not in an appropriate financial situation can participate and all rites and donations will be performed in their names. To Make this effective they can by their own choice donate a small amount to a needy person or a Ganesha Temple on a Tuesday.


Prafulla Sri Ketu and Ganesha Seva and Kit

For those who want special blessings and results from this divine program this is the most apt seva and your contribution will be helpful in organizing this divine program and also help in donation and poor feeding. After the Pooja you will get the following specially consecrated and energized in your name during the sacred program.

1) Consecrated and Energized Shri Ganesh Yantra:

Consecrated and Energized Shri Ganesh Yantra, Lord Ganesha is the deity that removes all obstacles that come in the way of your success. The consecrated and energized Ganesh Yantra will bring in better focus to accomplish one’s goals, ensure peace, sharp mind, success in life, prosperity and removal of obstacles in life. Individuals should keep this sacred Yantra in their pooja place, altar, and place of worship and should take blessings of the Shri Ganesh Yantra daily.


2) 9 Faced Rudraksha Bead:

9 Faced Rudraksha Bead, The malefic effects of Ketu are controlled by the Nine Faced Rudraksha bead. This Rudraksha helps in cultivating patience, controlling unnecessary anger and a feeling of non-fear. One can wear it in the neck or keep in the Pooja place and worship daily.


3) Red Triangular flag (Dhwaja):

Red Triangular flag (Dhwaja), Teeming with energy you should donate this consecrated and energized flag in any Devi Temple( Preferably Durga Temple) after saying your prayer and Desire on a Tuesday between 08:30 am – 12 noon Local Time.


4) Vibhuti or Bhasma:

Vibhuti or Bhasma, is sacred ash collected after all the three Homa are completed. It is the powder of all sacred herbs consecrated and energized. One can apply Vibhuti on the forehead for protection and Blessings.

Please note extra kits will be consecrated and special poojas, Yagyas and Donations will be organized on Ashwini Nakshtra Days each month (click to see schedule). If you cannot participate now you can do so for Ashwini Nakshtra Day Poojas


INR(₹) 15,000/- USD($) 230/-

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Punravatti Sri Ketu and Ganesha Seva

For those who want to get a special pooja done each month for Ketu Shanti and getting the Blessings of Lord Ketu and Ganesh it is the most ideal seva. Vidhuti( Sacred Herabl Ash) will be sent after the pooja

INR 3500/ USD($): 55/-

Click on the following to Donate

Agyat Mahadan Sri Ketu and Ganesha Seva

For those who want to donate any amount anonymously this is the most apt seva. This is known as Mahadan( The Great Donation) and accrues Great Punya. Medicines and other supplies will be donated to the needy and the amount wil be utilized for Social Works.


For Domestic Patron OnlyDONATE AS PER DESIRE


For International PatronDONATE AS PER DESIRE

Sampoorna Vijay Sri Ketu and Ganesha Mahapooja

For those who want the complete pooja and homa to be performed exclusively in your name and limited only to the family and loved ones may contact us by clicking here.

We Go Live on Facebook on certain key Moments during the sacred rituals. To view some divine moments you can click the below links to view:


Click to Watch:

Highlights of Shri Shani Jayanti Homa and Yagya

Sri Shani Dev Divine Abhisheka

Sankalpa- Sacred Oath

Sacred Homa

Please Participate with great fervour and get Blessings and Punya. Please also share with those who you think might Get Benefit.




For Domestic Patron OnlyDONATE AS PER DESIRE


For International PatronDONATE AS PER DESIRE


"You Donate We Serve Together we make Humanity Win"

All Proceeds will be used for Social Service and Lok Kalyan- Common Good


ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नमः