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Publication Millenniumpost
Date 15 Oct 2018

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Unveiling 'The Secret of Jyotish Gems'

‘The Secrets of Jyotish Gems’ is wholesome in its approach and brings together an intriguing blend of Hindu astrology and use of natural gemstones as effective remedies

There are several books today outlining the precepts of Vedic astrology in different ways. There are readily available versions, often detailing methods to understand the art of horoscopy, to make prediction, to give a little predictability to the future – all in an attempt to define the human condition and be prepared for it in some way.

The newest offering on the market for book aficionados of this genre is 'The Secret of Jyotish Gems: A Guide to the fundamentals of Sacred Astro Gemology of India' by Guru Arnav.

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This book definitely stands apart from the individual works on astrology and also from those that talk about the power of gemstones and only fleetingly talk about the connection between the two and how it works.

The book is wholesome in its approach and brings together an intriguing blend of Hindu astrology and use of natural gemstones as effective remedies. One is able to study the intersection of this two disciplines and understand how they come together, not just to explain why and when events precipitate but also how events/ life can be managed in a better way, through the use of appropriate planetary energy.

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The book also attempts to bridge the void that exists between the two branches of knowledge – planetary influences and effective remediation of the same in context of life today. And, it succeeds in its objectives.

The author has kept the observation and commentary relevant to modern day life and has offered practical wisdom as to why this is one of the most appropriate choices. There is elaborate chapter detailing the difficulty of incorporating other remedial measures chiefly – tantra, mantra, yantra, aushadhi, among others because of the paucity of an able teacher, lack of availability of sacred herbs and lack of knowledge that can cause limitations.

The planetary gem therapy however, easily circumvents these barriers and offers a solution albeit at a monetary cost to bring desired changes in life.

While every human being is curious about the possibility of improving their life, the little knowledge that is available is also liberally sprinkled with enough myths and folklore – does nothing but push this powerful change driving discipline into the grey.

With this book, Guru Arnav has tried to bring the real change as it binds together pieces of information very logically and succinctly – so much so, that it stands to be the front-runner as a reference book for anyone interested in studying this valuable tradition.

What also stands out strikingly is the quality of this book is how easy it is on the eye and images of exotic gemstones make it interesting.

As 'planetary gem therapy' has always been relevant. Therefore, with this book, it gets to be interesting and exciting as well.

'The Secrets of Jyotish GEMS: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Sacred Astro Gemology of India' and is available in a price of Rs 1995.

The book is proved to be a keeper for generations, it is well worth

the price.

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