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Publication: The New Indian Express, Bengaluru City Express Date: 17 Dec 2014Page: 4
Feed your spirit

Feed your spirit

The human body is not just the gross form as we see it, but actually a composite of physical, emotional amd spiritual body. The health and nourishment of each component is vitl for optimum functioning of the human system.

The upkeep of connection of the mind (the home of emotion) and the body (the gross outer form) with the soul or the atman (the spiritual body) is of great importance.

However, more often than not attention remains stuck in that which one can see - the physical body only. The five senses - sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste are the pathways of intake - sensorial perception of the universe around us. These are also the pathways of nourishing the human body. Whatever is ingested, which is energy in its several forms, through these pathways essentially become us! The food that we eat nourishes the physical body, the thoughts that we surround ourselves with are the DNA of emotion. And the prayer, meditation, contemplation, reaching out the higher power is the manna for the soul.

Would a person knowingly partake of a poisonous fruit? No, but individuals feed their systems toxicemotions, engage in substance abuse, walk into conversations that are mind-bending, if not numbing, dismiss the cleaning of the home environment! The energy of the music you har, the literature you read, the sights that you prefer impart their imprint of energy onto your system. The irony is that the nourishment of the simplest component, the physical body, is also compromised though inactivity and stodgy foods. The old ancients texts have reiterated - yat pinde tat brahmande - that which is within becomes the universe around, the human body is the microcosm of the macrocosm universe! The best way to live would be to pay close attention to the essence of energy that we feed to our system and ensure all components are well-nourished.

The cosmic energy makes itself available through the energy of silence, in nature (which is why ayruveda, naturopathy, gem therapy, flower remedies etc are becoming popular), in prayer (communing with the higher power). Focus can shift us towrds a higher level of existence.

- by Abhijita Kulshrestha
The author is a senior astro-gemologist at