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Publication: Times of India, Bangalore times Date: 07 Oct 2013Page: 2
A Gem of a Profession

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An interesting twist comes in an ordinary life when extraordinary purpose is found. For Abhijita Kulshrestha, when this elusive raison d'etre was revealed, the scattered pieces of the jigsaw came together.

Abhijita is the director, senior astrologer and gemologist at Gemstoneuniverse and helps people reach greater awareness through astrological insights and planetary gem therapy solutions. "Gemstones can bring positive change in tangible terms - wealth, success, better health, etc. This old knowledge is being explored more today, as people see successful peo­ple, including celebrities, wearing a gem."

But isn't this is an unconventional profession for a woman, especially for someone with a strong academic and professional background? "Everything is preordained and is predesigned. I was reluctant to practise astrology for many years, even after learning from my guru. But I had to 'find my way' to my calling - to being a crusader for hope. You empower people by helping them discover faith in them­elves," says Abhijita.

She adds, "It is not easy for a sceptic to accept a different explanation as to why things happen the way they do. Two things turned my understanding of the world around on its head. First, the fact that astrology and gemology are exact sciences; you have to give it that kind of academic time and intelligent pursuit to unravel its mysteries. Second, they offer the answers to the most per­plexing riddles of life. No one is obligated to answer your existential questions. You can remain caught in a vortex or make discoveries. This path introduces an individual beautifully to oneself and that's the starting point to rmding yourself."

Do people often wonder at her choosing such a profession at a relatively young age? "My appearance or my garb does not influence my spiritual DNA. The more I am in touch with my higher power; the more child-like I will appear. And this is the kind of grace and knowledge that carries over through several births," Abhijita concludes.

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