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Publication: Times of India Place: Bangalore Date: 03 Feb 2013Page: The Speaking Tree
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The basic mindset of man is oriented towards reducing pain. But as is the law of nature, karma must be balanced, and what is to unfold, usually does. This karmic life map is the sum total of all milestones that are going to occur in an individual's lifetime. This map includes, but is not limited to, moments of happiness and despair, phases of luxury and poverty, supreme strength and diseases, periods of power as well as humiliation, focussed mind and anxiety, experience of love as well as failure in relationships, and other such things.

Altering your life experiences and karmic life map is a Herculean task. However, to combat negative factors, the sacred texts have listed six karmic pathways to remove
obstacles. The six pathways to alter a negative karmic life map are:

1. Mantra: A mantra is a spiritual formula consisting of sacred syllables which, when chanted in a particular manner, leads to attainment of desires. This option comes with numerous limitations — it must be chanted in a particular manner, at a particular time, with a total number of chants, the initiation has to be done by a particular person, and is accompanied with mandatory observance of dietary and lifestyle strictures, to name a few. It might sound easy, but it is perhaps the most difficult of all the paths to master. It is, in fact, at the core of other paths too.

2. Tantra: The word tantra means a mechanism or an amalgamation of spiritual procedures to bring about a desired result. These include but are not limited to the use of mudras, or systematic hand gestures and asanas, or yogic postures. The efficacy of tantra is intimately dependent on mantra to yield desired results. Hence, all limitations listed for mantras, also apply here.

3. Yantra: The third pathway for a karmic life map alteration is yantra. Yantra is an intricate geometrical diagram drawn while chanting mantras, and has been traditionally considered the seat of sacred deities. Energising of yantras require strong and consistent mantra sadhana, or daily rituals to consecrate the yantra.

4. Aushadha: Aushadha basically means medicine and is used only in case of disease. In today's age and time, finding an aushadha of pure herbs in the correct ratio and proportion, may be easier said than done.

5. Yagna: This is basically a fire ritual, through which sacred herbs and other sacred material is offered to the fire which, in turn, acts as a carrier to the sacred deity. Yagna is again dependent on mantras.

6. Ratna: The last resort and the main subject of our discussion about how to alter your karmic life map is the ratna or the gemstone. Untreated jyotish gemstones are the simplest way of begetting qualitative life changes.The only stricture associated with them is that one should not visit funeral grounds with gems on one's person. In order to get an effective remedy, make sure that you get a correct recommendation. Identify a good gemstone that comes with a guarantee of gem quality and is astrologically potent. Consecrate and energise your gemstone properly with the correct procedure and rituals. Once you wear it at an auspicious time, do not remove it.

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