Gemstoneuniverse Annual Horoscopes & Predictions for 2020

Gemstoneuniverse Annual Horoscopes & Predictions for 2020 | Guruji Shrii Arnav Note: These Horoscopes are by your Sun Signs

Aries/ Mesha

(Mar 21 - Apr 19)

The year 2020 is likely to be a fairly good year for the Aries born individuals. There may be positive outcomes when it comes to your efforts and enterprise. There could be increased travels and gains coming from them too. As the year progresses your work is acknowledged and you are given recognition, even on a public forum. If you drop the sense of lethargy or overconfidence, whichever applicable, you can achieve much more than what you have dreamt of. Some of the Aries born individuals work doubly hard on building a positive image - there is emphasis on region of good health and all round self-improvement efforts. Some of you may even embrace a particular philosophy of life and incorporate its principles into everyday living. There is an improvement in health and morale as well. Some Aries folk may be able to pay off an old pending debt. The eligible and willing Aries individuals may tie the knot this year or commit to a long-term relationship. Some may be blessed with the birth of a child in the family. Foreign trips and interactions with people of higher social standings is likely


(Apr 20 - May 20)

This is the year of progress and growth for the Taurus born individuals. The delays and disappointments experienced during the last couple of years may have affected you emotionally and financially as well. Things change gradually and you are able to find a path forward. There is danger of falling into old habits patterns which may prevent your progress. There may be property related matters that get resolved but not entirely to your satisfaction. You may want to take on a community service activity with much more seriousness. There may be attraction towards a new pet or an animal that you feel very strongly and emotionally for. You may need to maintain cordial relations with in-laws and communicate consciously to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Later half of the year may suddenly see you become a lot more mature and flexible. You try to make amends in relationships that may have suffered due to misunderstandings earlier. Taurus folk interested in spiritual growth can see interesting developments. On the personal front there may be a few challenging occasions as spouses /partners work towards different goals and may not be able to see eye to eye on certain matters. Those working in the areas of pharmaceuticals, health care, real estate and insurance may have to deal with a slow pace and need to handle finances in a better manner.


(May 21 - Jun 20)

It is a year of significant developments for the Gemini born individuals. There is tremendous possibility of growth and material success. Conditions favouring you may manifest quite often. However, a lot of the outcomes will depend upon the effort you are willing to put in. The new work demands may require you to drop old habit patterns, pay greater attention to detail and also exercise greater patience with people around. Impatience or brashness and harsh attitude may actually be counter-productive. There is a possibility of promotion, gain of inheritance and sudden money coming back to you. Those engaged in business activity may be able to take their work to foreign shores. Individuals working in the mining industry, petrol or natural gas industry as well as manufacturing sector are likely to do well. On the personal front, the eligible and willing Gemini folk may settle down in sweet domesticity. Any hurdles faced in interpersonal relations stand to get resolved with little effort. Some may be blessed with the birth of a child. Health becomes much better.


(Jun 21 - Jul 22)

The year 2020 is likely to bring mixed results for the Cancer born individuals. The initial part of the year may see you draw up ambitious plans regarding professional growth. You work quite sincerely on acquiring new skills and knowledge. You even help your subordinates or juniors in achieving their targets. Some of the Cancer born individuals may be transferred to a new department or location despite resistance. There could be a little discomfort due to having to adjust to a new environment. You are sensitive and find it difficult to handle unsympathetic remarks or unnecessary gossip. It is a period that requires you to work hard without expecting too much. Rewards and recognition will surely come but at a more favourable time. It is a period where your own health – physical as well as emotional may need attention. Anxiety, digestive disorders, heart burn and lifestyle issues may be major concerns. There will be much more patience required in handling close interpersonal relationships – disagreement or a sense of lack of support from a partner could lead you to feeling angry/bitter more often. The key to resolution of conflicts is keeping communication lines open.


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

The Leo born individuals are likely to have a very rewarding year. The big break that you may have been waiting for could happen during this time. There is the possibility of getting a wonderful job offer that catapults you into a new zone of financial strength all together. There is status elevation and recognition gained on a public forum as well. Several of your choices and decisions made in the recent past now make a lot of sense. There is respect and admirations from your seniors as well. Some of the Leo individuals could successfully launch their own business enterprise. You are focused, enthusiastic and bring in experience from the past. Some individuals may be able to move into a new house/property and those looking for an investor or a big loan may finally have their prayers answered. This is a year of wish fulfilment and you should make the best of it. The eligible and willing Leos tie the knot this year and are able to enjoy all kinds of creature comforts. Health is on a good footing, but lack of sleep and rest could beget unnecessary issues.


(Aug 23 - Sep 22)

The individuals born under the sign of Virgo are likely to have mixed results during the year 2020. Work life is demanding and you may experience pressure from people holding positions of authority and power. There could be situations where you end up feeling trapped with quite dominating individuals and unable to make changes because of the responsibilities you shoulder. It is best to avoid any kind of arguments or confrontation. Financially there may also be sudden situations requiring you to opt for a loan or live more frugally. The Virgos are generally prudent but may find this level of control over spending, quite bothersome. Do not get tied down in bad real estate deals knowingly. Do check the papers before making any commitment. Do not go beyond a budget that is comfortable for you while considering a purchase or construction of a house. Some of the Virgo folk may find it difficult to maintain harmony in the domestic environment. Excessive work pressure, fatigue and sometimes staying away from home for significant interval may create differences. Individuals with problems related to heart health, diabetes or digestive issues must be especially careful.


(Sep 23 - Oct 22)

The individuals born under the sign of Libra are likely to have mixed results during the coming year. You may be itching for a change and you look at reinventing yourself professionally. While some of you consider a completely new profession, others may look for changing the organisation or moving to a different location. This could be a good period for artists, writers, performers, psychics and others involved in communication related and creative fields. There is enough travel and myriad new experiences which you capture into your work. There may not be immediate recognition, but this is a period of creating and contributing significantly. Some individuals could experience a tenuous relationship with superiors at the place of work. It will be best to avoid unnecessary arguments. Those working in difficult circumstances may feel tempted to quit, however, do not take knee jerk decisions. Finances may be tight, therefore try and avoid impulsive spending. Fighting or disagreements amongst family members may lead to restlessness. Individuals with shoulder pain or leg pain, back ache and acidity or digestive issues should be particularly careful.


(Oct 23 - Nov 21)

The year 2020 is likely to be a wonderful time for Scorpio born individuals. It’s almost as if the phoenix has risen from the ashes and claimed its real place in the world. There could be a major wish fulfilment. Individuals may get praise and recognition for their efforts. There could be a promotion, a raise and status elevation. Celebrations and happy occasions are a plenty. You are able to travel outside the country and create some wonderful memories. A long pending debt may be closed. Later half of the year could also see you buying creature comforts to make your living space more comfortable. Health improves and there is a general improvement in one’s mental space as well. The eligible and willing Scorpios may give their assent for wedding. This year could bring a beautiful new relationship for you. There is a good chance of remarkable improvements in relationships that may have suffered previously due to misunderstandings. Friends from the past reach out to you, bringing great joy. Students are able to perform much better where competitions are concerned and may get through to places of their choice.


(Nov 22 - Dec 21)

The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac are likely to have a year that brings its fair share of challenges but also brings resolution to many situations as the year progresses. The biggest hurdle in this journey, especially with respect to professional development will be lack of focus and self-confidence. There could be difficulty in handling certain situations where money is concerned. There is also fear of rivals/enemies trying to malign your name. You could be angry and somewhat demotivated as you feel that you have to work doubly hard in order to prove yourself, whereas some other people are allowed to have it easy. You may be called in to diffuse a critical situation at work – individuals working in the law and order machinery, dispute resolution situations should be careful and take decisions or present their inputs after hearing both sides of the story. There may be some difficulty in getting along with a partner or spouse especially with regard to money matters and decisions related to children. Health could be under duress due to stress and emotional imbalance.


(Dec 22 - Jan 19)

The individuals born under the sign of Capricorn, are quite ambitious and may push for certain exceptional roles. The year 2020 may bring several challenges as you may be required to divide your attention amongst several factors. There is a possibility of being transferred/deputed to a different location and this may cause some anxiety. It is best for the Capricorn folk to avoid any participation in controversial issues or get into a heated argument with powerful opposition. Many times it is about choosing dignified silence. There are financial gains but money may go out with as much swiftness as it comes in. You may have to take care of other people and even support them financially to an extent. There are abroad travels and you think globally and put focus on holistic self-development. You may tend to withdraw inward and become quite introverted. There may be difference of opinion with spouse/ partner and it is best if it is handled with maturity. Individuals running businesses in partnerships should keep a firm eye on finances. This year could be difficult in terms of health and people suffering from chronic issues should exercise precaution. Panic and anxiety may affect negatively.


(Jan 20 - Feb 18)

The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac, are likely to have a good time in the year 2020. There is professional growth and success. There are possibilities of breaking new ground where; science, academics, innovation, inventions and technology are concerned. You are able to think ahead of your time and this could cause discomfort to people with traditional mind-set in your environment. Some individuals consider moving abroad for a longer duration of time. There is monetary gain and good return on investments made earlier. You are strongly advised to refrain from challenging a person with higher authority – the clash of egos could spoil something that would’ve been wonderful for your growth. You may be able to acquire a new home or vehicle during this year. There are happy get-togethers and religious ceremonies in the family. The eligible and willing Aquarius folk may tie the knot. Individuals who have been trying to have a child for a fairly long time may be blessed with good news. Health is generally alright barring blood pressure and respiratory issues. It is a phase where the religious/spiritual minded Aquarius folk can achieve significant progress.


(Feb 19 - Mar 20)

The year 2020 is fairly and squarely about work and professional aspirations for the Pisces born individuals. While you may not have clarity on quite a few things, there are a few goals that matter to you at an emotional level. These are personal benchmarks of success as well as self-growth. There are long hours spent at work trying to get familiar with new technology and new ways of doing things. Some of you may feel that the pressure is too much to handle. If you are able to go with the flow there can be amazing prospects of growth in the times to come. Attitude and flexibility will matter a lot. Some of the Pisces born individuals may initiate a home based business or a personal secondary source of income during this year. With all the focus on work, studies and growth - personal life may take a hit and social circle could also shrink as a result. You will need to make conscious attempts to stay in touch with people who matter and create a strong work life balance. You may need to watch out against misinformation, biases and gossip to maintain anxiety free and rational thinking.

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