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    Vedic Gem Report

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    1. Choosing your correct/ lucky gemstones using the laws of planetary gemology
    Since times immemorial, the beauty and mystique of gemstones has enchanted mankind. Man has worn gemstones to gain fortune, wealth and protection. However, selection of the correct gemstone can be tricky. This report is based on the time-tested principles of Vedic Astrology and Gemology, and will solve your dilemma. It will help you in identifying your correct gemstone(s) and gemstone combinations as well.

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    Vedic Gemstone Report - Details

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    1. The Gemstone Consultation Report analyzes several charts based on your birth data (essentially date, place and time of birth) to zero in onto your correct gemstones. A suitable gemstone can ensure focus and concentration, create wealth, beget career gains and give you a reservoir of strength to counter the ill-effects of malefic and adverse planetary periods.

    2. Choosing a gemstone, simply on the basis of your sun sign/ moon sign, constellation (Nakshatra), numerological calculations, major planetary period etc is not a wise strategy.

      This report will use the principles of Vedic Astrology and position of planets in your horoscope to determine your gemstone/ gemstones that will produce the most potent results for you.

      For Example: In Cancer ascendant, Saturn is not an auspicious planet as it becomes the Lord of the 7th house of death and the 8th house of losses and accidents. In case, Saturn is adversely placed in the birth chart, then Saturn periods can wreak havoc in an individual's life. In such a case, the gemstone of Saturn - the Blue Sapphire will prove to be harmful. The strategy in such a case would be to analyze the position of Mars, which is an important planet for the Cancer ascendant and the arch enemy of Saturn. Strengthening Mars, if suitably located, in such a case is the approach. It can defeat Saturn in the planetary war. If Mars is well placed in the horoscope then giving strength to Mars by wearing a blood red coral will bring in miraculous results. In this case we use the principle of cutting fire with fire.
    3. Generalized rules and unsound biased opinions leading to selection of gemstones can do more harm than good.

      For example: A general statement is that Emerald is good for love and business. In case, Mercury is the 8th lord in the horoscope and not placed well, then wearing an Emerald can cause respiratory tract problems, skin infection and sudden losses in business. This report identifies the best planets according in your birth chart, analyses your objectives stated and giving both due consideration, makes beneficial recommendations.

    4. Determination of correct weight of the gemstone - Again several generalized rules makes it confusing for the individual to ascertain the correct weight of the gemstone. The foundation of gemstone therapy rests on the correct determination of the weight of the gemstone. One generalized rule is that one should wear one carat per 10 Kgs of body weight. If one goes by this rule, then a person weighing 80 Kgs would be recommended an 8 carat gemstone. This rule is ambiguous and generally fails. This report will recommend the correct weight by analyzing:

      • Planetary Strength

      • The complete birth chart along with the divisional charts.

      • The sign is which the planet is placed.

      • The houses in the birth chart which the planet controls.

      • The aspects which the planet makes and receives.

      • The planetary periods in operation.

    5. Determination of the correct metal for setting the gemstone and procedure of wearing the gemstone ? Every planet has been assigned lordship over a specific metal. The metal serves as the seat of the gemstone. Setting the gemstone in the appropriate metal ring/ pendant / talisman is extremely important to derive benefits. This report will determine the correct metal for wearing the gemstone based on your horoscope. Yes, it is true that the Red Coral gives the best results in Gold and copper but this cannot be held true in cases where Mars is posited in debilitation in Cancer?

      Recommendation of the correct time, date and method of wearing the gemstone also forms a part of this gemstone report. We will provide you with the audio files of the mantras that one should chant before wearing your gemstone that would make your experience and your gemstone really special.

    6. Software generated reports and recommendations about gemstone can best be summed up as trash. We have reviewed all major software's in the market today. Most of these software's recommend the gemstones of the 1st, 5th, and the 9th houses (the triangle of spirituality) according to pre-calculated formulas. The drawback is that since a set of formulas cannot be used to address unique problems caused by complex placement of planets, aspects and conjunctions, in many cases it fails to give good results and in fact may gives adverse results. For example, in Gemini ascendant, the 9th lord is Saturn. Now the software would recommend the individual to wear a Blue Sapphire without determining the correct position of Saturn. It will recommend the Blue Sapphire to the individual having Saturn in the 9th house as well to the individual having Saturn in the 8th house. You report will be made by highly respected consultants in the field of Vedic Astrology and Gemology.

    2. What do we need for making your gemstone report?

    1. Date of Birth (Example format: 25 April 1977)

    2. Place of Birth (Please specify city, state and country)

    3. Time of Birth (Please indicate am/pm)

    Fill it in the special instructions box at the time of placing your order.

    3. How can you get the best out of your gemstone report (optional)?

    1. Specify your goals and objectives clearly about why do you want to wear a gemstone (For example: improvement in career, business success, success in love, getting married, good health etc.)

    2. Tell us briefly about yourself. (For example: I am a CPA working in a semi government organization)

    3. Tell us about any impending conditions, challenges, obstacles that you are facing. (For example: I am looking for a job change and have been trying for the same for the last 11 months. Even though, I receive favorable feedback after interviews, it is not clicking)

    4. Please specify any notable health conditions, allergy etc. In this case we will also analyze your chart from the point of view of Medical astrology. (For example: if someone has overdependence on Alcohol or other habit forming drugs please mention that explicitly. Use of Amethyst and Moonstone can cure this problem if these gemstones are suitable according to your birth chart. Similarly, Jade can cure heart ailments and Lapis Lazuli- Hysteria and anxiety. But one should not wear these gemstones without accurate analysis.)

    Note 1: Patrons selecting ring/pendant designs from the Customized ring designs and pendants and talismanic ring designs and pendants shall be charged $399 for all Gold variations (22K, 18K etc) and $35 for all sterling silver 916 variations. For more information please click here.

    Note 2: Patrons selecting ring/pendant designs from Men/Women ring designs and Pendants section shall be charged $350 for all Gold variations (22K, 18K) and $25 for all sterling Silver 916 variations. For more information please click here.

    Note 3: Patrons selecting ring/pendant designs from Planetary Bhasma/ Herbal Bhasma ring designs and Pendants section shall be charged $515 (Mens), $456 (Womens), $ 501 (Pendants) for all Gold variations (22K, 18K) and $51 for all sterling Silver 916 variations. For more information please click here.

    Note 4: Every Single piece of Planetary Jewellery designed by Gemstoneuniverse is a piece designed with conviction, ethics, faith and comes with a lifetime iron clad buy back guarantee. To view the returns and refunds policy please click here. Every Single piece that is shipped out has its unique number and is digitally catalogued. We understand that some patrons are looking for B2B options and want to buy loose gemstones collectively trusting our expertise. For such options please contact us directly.

    Note 5: $25 will be added by default towards making ring charges in 916 Sterling silver if no option is chosen.

    Note 6: Gold Variations in 22K and 18K can be made in Yellow Gold as well as White Gold. By default we make all rings and pendants in Yellow Gold. In case you prefer your gem to be set in White Gold please specify the same when you communicate the ring size/design.

    Shipping charges are

    • Free for Vedic Consultations as it is sent by email only.
    • $35 for Upratnas (Red Garnet, Blue Moonstone, Peridot, Heliodor, Iolite, Amethyst)
    • $125 for Precious gems (Ruby, Natural Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat's Eye)
    • For the combination of above; charges are maximum shipping in that combination (For example if Red Garnet & Yellow Sapphire is purchased the shipping charge is $125).
    • Shipping charges for Precious Gemstones include shipping and packaging, insurance, certification, appraisal and tracking.
    • Shipping charges for upratnas include shipping and packaging, insurance, certification, and tracking.