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    Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

    Buy Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Online in India at Best Price

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    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.140 $719.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.100 $740.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.090 $705.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.070 $660.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.060 $750.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.050 $670.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.050 $709.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.050 $600.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.030 $650.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.020 $681.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.000 $715.00

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    3.128 $465.00

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    Complete Information about Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

    Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Meaning: The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is also called Pukhraj Stone In Hindi. A yellow coloured gemstone of the corundum family it is the Gemstone of Planet Jupiter as per Indian Vedic Astrology. To know more about Yellow Sapphire information such as chemistry, specific gravity, origins and sources of Yellow Sapphire Please click here.

    Who can wear Yellow Sapphire Astrologically: The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is a very powerful Gemstone of the benevolent planet Jupiter representing wisdom & should be worn only after a detailed astrological consultation and Gemstone Recommendation. In general it suits the Astrological signs of Sagittarius and Pisces-the two signs ruled by Jupiter as per Indian Astrology. For a detailed Vedic Astrology analysis about who can wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone as per their horoscope, birth chart and ascendants please click here.

    Yellow Sapphire Price per carat/ Ratti: A Gem quality Yellow Sapphire will not have an average price range. Average price range is only for poor quality stones that are at the bottom of the Gemstone Pyramid. As with all gemstones the price per carat of the Gemstone is first determined by the 4C’s of cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, lack of treatment, origin etc. The most important factor in determining yellow Sapphire price per carat/ Yellow Sapphire price per ratti is the colour with Yellow Sapphires with lemon Yellow, Butter Yellow, canary yellow fetching the highest price. For a comprehensive guide just dedicated to Yellow Sapphire Price per carat please click here.

    Benefits of Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj Stone: Since the Yellow Sapphire is the Gemstone of Brihaspati/ Guru it blesses the wearer with divine knowledge and wisdom. It also blesses with good health and auspicious wealth ( Sulakshmi). For a comprehensive list of Yellow Sapphire benefits please click here.

    Which Yellow Sapphire should I buy? For a yellow sapphire to be astrologically effective the first criteria is that it should pass all tests to be a true Jyotish Gemstone. If your Yellow Sapphire is a true Jyotish Gemstone then a yellow sapphire from any origin whether Sri Lanka or Burma shall work. Aim for the highest colour and clarity that you can go in for.

    What is the best/ correct Yellow Sapphire weight for Astrological Purposes: The recommendation of Yellow Sapphire in rattis and as per body weight is only prevalent in the retail setting in India that finds no mention in any sacred or standardized text. It is a retrogressive practice that gives poor results. To find the correct weight of Yellow Sapphire for Astrological benefits please click here.

    Which is the best substitute Gemstone for Yellow Sapphire: The best substitute for the Yellow Sapphire is the untreated natural Yellow Topaz followed by Heliodor-Yellow/Golden Beryl. With Natural Yellow Topaz becoming so rare it is best to opt for Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Beryl. Golden Topaz is a misnomer=deliberately misleading name for a cheap and easily available called as Citrine also called as Sunhela/ Sunehela. Citrine is a poor substitute of Yellow Sapphire and should be avoided as its upratna. For detailed reasons click here.

    Where Should I Buy A Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:  You can buy Natural Yellow Sapphire gemstone online or you can buy Yellow Sapphire online in India at the best price at Gemstoneuniverse. Each yellow sapphire from the Gemstoneuniverse inventory is cherry picked and excels on the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity carat weight. Every Jyotish Gemstone Yellow sapphire is a certified by top Gem Labs of the world.

    What is Jyotish Gemstone Yellow Sapphire: A Gem quality Ruby excelling on all the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity carat weight and having fine qualities as described in the sacred texts being free from flaws as described in the sacred text qualifies to be a Ruby Jyotish Gemstone. For more information about Jyotish Gemstones click here.

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