Can Blue Sapphire and Diamond be worn together | Compatible Gemstones with Blue Sapphire

Can Blue Sapphire and Diamond be worn together | Compatible Gemstones with Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire and Diamonds set in kundalini pendant

Blue Sapphire and Diamonds set in kundalini pendant

As Per Classical Vedic Astrology the planets Saturn and Venus are intimate friends. The Gemstone of Saturn is Blue Sapphire and the Gemstone of Venus is Diamond.

The combination of Blue Sapphire and Diamond is a classical combination that gives good results. Saturn a Karmik planet has a profound impact on the Karmik Life Map and is specially active in this Yuga( The Kaliyuga) and Venus is the significator of luxury, beauty and wealth and represents all material desires and goals.

If both these planets are strong planets and are occupying/ influencing powerful houses in the chart then by all means both Blue Sapphire and Diamond should be worn together. This combination will give much more powerful results than a single gemstone alone.

The ascendants in which Blue Sapphire and Diamond should be considered:

Following are the ascendants in which a Blue Sapphire and Diamond together can definitely be considered:






Virgo Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts


Natural Blue Sapphire

Natural Diamond


3.03 carats

0.507 Carats (21 Pieces)


None. Fully Natural,


Srilanka / Ceylon

Planetary Energy


Patron Location

California, United States 

All inclusive Price

$ 5176 / INR 320912


One look at today’s featured talisman and you know what exactly Jyotish Gemstones are and what makes them so special. At the centre is a beautiful unheated Ceylon Sapphire of 3.03 carats. It has a cool soothing rich blue color that cannot be described in words. Eye clean with a pleasing cushion cut it is a Sujati ( High Born) Gemstone.

Brimming with Sattvik ( Pure) Saturn energies the hint of violet overtones peeping thorough some of its facets have given it a character of its own. It takes years of Gemstone sorting experience to pick up such gems that look so incredibly beautiful. The sorter should have the vision and experience to imagine how the Gemstone would look in a ring/ pendant, combined with different gemstones and/or set in different metals. It is but just one aspect of Jyotish Gem Therapy.

The beauty and the power of the pendant gets accentuated by the halo of round brilliant Diamonds representing the Venusian powers around the Blue Sapphire. The icing on the cake is the design itself that represents the movement of the primordial energy-The Kundalini through the symphony of the mystical alphabet” S”. All in all a talisman that excels on all parameters that ensures that its gives best results for Planetary Gem Therapy



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