Yellow Sapphire the best Gemstone for Jupiter Mahadasha & Antardasha

Yellow Sapphire the best Gemstone for Jupiter Mahadasha & Antardasha

Unheated Yellow Sapphire Set in Gold ring

Unheated Yellow Sapphire Set in Gold ring

The Jyotish Gemstone for Jupiter as per Vedic Astrology is Yellow Sapphire. This beautiful and powerful Gemstone is commonly known as Pukhraj in Hindi and Pushyarag in Sanskrit.

The Jupiter Mahadasha is a long period of 16 years and one should make a thorough analysis of the chart to understand the position of Jupiter. If this planet owns benefic houses or is posited in a good position in the chart then it has the capacity to do much good to the individual and bring about the dawn of fortune, divine knowledge and wealth-The key things that Jupiter Stands for.

One should seriously consider a Yellow Sapphire especially in Ascendants ruled by Jupiter in Jupiter Dasha such as the Dhanu Lagna and the Meena Lagna because Jupiter itself is the ruler in these ascendants. Besides by the rulership of two quadrant houses it suffers from the Kendradhipati Dosha- a kind of directional weakness that makes it weak. If Jupiter is well posited then the Yellow Sapphire shall definitely suit the individual and will bless with health, wealth, happiness and solutions.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in February 2015 Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone                                                        Natural Yellow Sapphire

Weight                                                              2.18 carats

Treatment                                                        None. Fully Natural

Origin                                                                Srilanka

Planetary Energy                                            Jupiter

Patron Location                                              Pune/India

All inclusive Price                                            $ 1,096/ INR 67658

Gemologists Notes for Yellow Sapphire Ring Featured Today

Featured today is a beautiful Yellow Sapphire ring set in 22K Gold. All natural and unheated Yellow Sapphire this alluring cushion cut Yellow Sapphire was mined in the famed Gem fields of Ratnapura Sri Lanka. In General majority of Sapphire are oval cut so the cushion cut adds novelty to the overall appearance and draw of the Gemstone. The Colour is a nice and attractive Golden Butter Yellow one of the most preferred colour shades of the Yellow Sapphire. The clarity is brilliant and such eye clean Sapphires especially when they are unheated and untreated are rare to come by. Optimum carat weight for Jyotish Gem Therapy. Notice the total all inclusive price including the cost of Gold and making and what you have here is a special Jyotish Gemstone that is ready to change another life for the positive.


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