In Which Finger to wear Ruby | Best Finger to wear Ruby Ring

In Which Finger to wear Ruby | Best Finger to wear Ruby Ring

The Ruby Gemstone should be worn in the ring finger

The Ruby Gemstone should be worn in the ring finger

In Which Finger to wear Ruby, Best Finger to wear Ruby Ring and know the Ruby Gemstone Benefits Sun also referred to as Surya is a luminary and is considered to be the King of the council of the 9 planets exerting their influence on Human Destiny.

Ruby is also called as Manik, Manak, Ratnaraj, Chunni, Raviratna among many other names.

In Which Finger to wear Ruby ring

The best position to wear Ruby is the ring finger. The ring finger is also referred to as Anamika in Sanskrit and the Mount of Sun also known as mount of Apollo is located just below the ring finger/ Sun finger.

For benefits of Planetary Gemstone Therapy the Ruby should be worn only in the ring finger without any exceptions. Individuals with Leo Ascendant/ Leo Moon Sign can also wear the Ruby Gemstone in the neck as pendant touching the thymus gland area (Just above the first rib bone). To know more information about Ruby Gemstone Benefits in Hindi

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in October 2013

Natural Unheated Ruby Gemstone from Mozambique

Natural Unheated Ruby Gemstone from Mozambique

To wear Ruby gemstones based on your Astrology, first know the manik gemstones benefits in hindi and Ruby Stone Online Price. Table Natural Mozambique Ruby Gemstone Facts

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Gemstone Natural Mozambique Ruby
Weight 0.85 carats
Treatment None.
Origin Mozambique
Planetary Energy Sun
Patron Location Bangalore / India
All inclusive Price $ 961.60 / INR 59619
Comments Featured today is a .85 carat Natural Ruby Gemstone from Mozambique. This is a Gemstone that classifies all criteria of being a Jyotish Gemstone, less than a carat but big on features it is an excellent Gemstone. The Shastras do not speak about the quantity of the gemstone but the quality of the Gemstone.Even royal Red color spread across the Gemstone, a clarity of 95% which is exceptional for a Natural Ruby. This Ruby Gemstone benefits is fully empowered to give best results of Planet Sun.Enjoy it in Video:



  1. says

    If you are a right hander and you are wearing a Gemstone for harnessing the planetary powers than you should wear it in the right hand. If you are wearing for Jewelery or Cosmetic Reasons you can wear it where you like.

  2. mimi kar says

    I have already worn a red coral in my right hand’s ring finger then in which other finger I should wear star-studded ruby ? Please reply soon.

  3. NR says

    I have been advised a Ruby.I am a woman and right-handed but my work demands removing rings.In that case will a Ruby Pendant be as effective?

  4. says

    Thank you for Writing. It shall depend on the Planetary Position of the Sun in your chart. There is a nice write up whether Gemstones are more effective as a ring, pendant or bracelet. You can read more about the same here
    Thank You

  5. Priyanka says

    can I ware both Surya and chandra’s ringer ? Or should I romove chandra’s ring if I want to wear Surya’s Ring ??/

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