Blue Belle of Asia & the Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean

Blue Belle of Asia & the Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean

A Christie's employee holds The Blue Belle of Asia a 392.52 carats sapphire

A Christie’s employee holds The Blue Belle of Asia a 392.52 carats sapphire

Sri Lanka the chosen land of fine and exotic Sapphires

Amongst all coloured Gemstones perhaps the Sapphire family is the most versatile as Sapphires come in all
colours represented in a rainbow. But amongst all the beautiful colours the most alluring, enchanting and exotic are the Blue Sapphires legendary for their beauty as well for their mystical powers.

Some of the notable regions from where Blue Sapphires are most sought after are Myanmar/ Burma, Kashmir, Montana in Australia, Madagascar etc but some of the most remarkable Blue Sapphires have some from the fabled isle of Serendib- The Island of Ceylon known in the modern days as Sri Lanka.

The great explorer, merchant and author- Marco Polo, commented in 1292 that Ceylon was the Jewellery Box of the Indian Ocean.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

The Blue Belle of Asia-Pride of Asia

Blue Belle of Asia Image Courtesy Christies

Blue Belle of Asia Image Courtesy: Christies

One of the most famous Blue Sapphires ever known to the world is the “Blue Belle” of Asia. This beautiful blue sapphire was found in 1926 in Ratnapura-Ceylon. This marvellous wonder was cut from a larger piece of rough till it reached its final weight of 392.52 carats.

Traded by various individuals and agencies it was acquired by a private individual and then it was missing for over 30 years till it came up for auction in 2014 at Christies.

It was sold for a world record price of nearly 12 million pounds.

The Blue Belle of Asia is beautifully fashioned into a cushion; this Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire is the 4th Largest Facetted Sapphire in the world and has a provenance dating back to 1937.

The most delightful part was that it was sold at a higher price then even the lots containing fine quality coloured Diamonds.

Gemstoneuniverse Presents its New Lot of Sapphires for Its Patrons- “Samarth

Unheated Sapphires from Ratnapura

Unheated Sapphires from Ratnapura

Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present its new lot of Blue Sapphires “Samarth” for its patrons. Many of the viewers have been waiting for a new lot with patience and have even deferred Gem therapy for a more affordable lot.

You are aware of how Jyotish Gemstones are rare and we do not list a single ordinary gemstone on “Gemstoneuniverse”. This parcel will delight you. Important features of this Lot are:

– All natural, untreated Sapphires free from any treatment.

– Earth mined beauties from Ratnapura Sri Lanka.

– Very High on clarity with clarity levels of 95% and above which is rare for unheated gemstones.

– Pleasing colour shades that range from Light Blue, to Pastel, Violetish
Blue to Deep Royal Blue.

– Beautifully cut for maximum play of light.

– Free from any flaws as listed in sacred texts that interfere with Gem therapy.

– Top Jyotish Gemstones that deliver results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

– Delightful price point. There is something for everybody in this lot. This is as per the Gemstoneuniverse unmatched price policy.

These will be listed this week itself. You can buy Blue Sapphires online by clicking here.

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