Exquisite Gemstone Demand- Please make advance deposit for specific requirements.

Announcement-Please make advance deposit for specific requirements.

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I want an 8 carats Blue Sapphire/ 11 carats ruby/ 7.25 ratti Yellow Sapphire/ Old Mine Burma Ruby/ Old Mine cut Emerald ? Do you have? Can You provide? Give me best price! And other similar queries.

Every month we get countless mails saying I want an 8 carats Blue Sapphire or a 10 carat Emerald and demands as stated above.   This  post puts an end to such communication which in majority of the cases goes nowhere except you know where?

At the very outset, we deal only in Jyotish Quality Gemstones. To know exactly what a Jyotish Quality Gemstone is please click the link below:


Secondly we deal only in Gem quality precious gemstones as per the Gem pyramid.  These Gemstones are precious, rare and durable. For more information on the Gem pyramid please here

Well, yes there are some individuals who do have genuine requirements, individuals who understand that precious gemstones unlike apples do not grow on trees.. and those who desire the very best , Gemstoneuniverse is here to assist.

Such individuals who have exquisite gemstone/s demand  should make a deposit of USD ($) 5000/INR 3,15000/- or a reasonable deposit as per your requirement decided by the management ( fully refundable against purchase should we be able to fulfill your requirement) before engaging our services and before we start the search for your precious gemstone/ gemstones.

Please understand that time for us is very valuable.  We respect time and that we deliver value, brings you to us, appreciate your understanding.


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Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology


  1. Joshua shama says

    Hi I want to know the price for the indra neelam blue sapphire ring gem stone. Please let me know. Thank you

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