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Yellow Sapphire Gemstones unheated, Gemstoneuniverse is proud to present two new  lots of pristine unheated Yellow Sapphires Gemstones for its  patrons. One look and you will be enthralled at the power of Mother Nature.  Both these lots have super premium color ranging from top Golden Canary yellow to the preferred medium butter yellow.

Lord Mahavishnu as Prabhu and Sriman

Lord Mahavishnu as Prabhu and Sriman


Yellow Sapphire Gemstones Unheated

In the realm of Gem Therapy, it is important to use Yellow Sapphire gemstones that are free from any flaws, as mentioned in the sacred texts, to get the full benefit of pursuing the therapy. We at Gemstoneuniverse are blessed to identify and source some of the best quality Jyotish gemstones for individuals interested in gem therapy from mines across the world.

Super Premium Color in Yellow Sapphires in this Pristine Lot Sriman

Super Premium Color in Yellow Sapphires in this Pristine Lot SRIMAN

Aptly christened as Prabhu – The Supreme Lord and Sriman -The lord of Lakshmi these yellow sapphire stones have these essential attributes.

Just have a close look at the video and you shall find why the Jyotish Gemstones are so special, so pristine, and capable of delivering those magical results as described in the sacred texts.

Excellent color and lustre in these Srilankan Yellow Sapphires of Lot PRABHU

Excellent color and lustre in these Srilankan Yellow Sapphires of Lot PRABHU

The planet of good luck, fortune , education and wealth – Jupiter  is the planetary deity whose power is inherent in the Yellow Sapphires stone. Yellow Sapphire Stone also known as pukhraj can be worn by Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants. For other ascendants one should have a thorough Vedic Astrology analysis. These Sattvik Yellow Sapphire Gemstones will deliver the best of Guru energies Lord Brihaspati has to offer.

Salient Features Yellow Sapphire Gemstones of this lot:

–          Is completely Natural, Unheated and Untreated.

–          Earth Mined from the Gem Fields of Ratnapura Srilanka

–          Super premium near perfect color in Gemology Terms.

–          Scintillating cut that maximizes lustre and maximum play of light. The Lustre is electric.

–          Remarkable clarity of 95% and above which is remarkable for an unheated yellow sapphire Gemstone.

–          Free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts to be a top Jyotish Quality yellow sapphire Gemstone Online.

–          Available at a price that’s jaw dropping. Unmatched at any source – mine, market,   wholesale or retail, given the 5 quality features above.


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