Healing Properties of Hessonite Gomed | Benefits of Hessonite Gomedh

Healing Properties of Hessonite Gomed | Benefits of Hessonite Gomedh

A Fine Hessonite Ring from Gemstoneuniverse

A Fine Hessonite Ring from Gemstoneuniverse

The Hessonite Gemstone belonging to the Garnet family is also known as “Gomed” or Gomedh. It has powerful healing abilities and its metaphysical healing properties are well known.

Top Healing Properties of Hessonite Gemstone

1)      Detoxification and Purification– The hessonite Gemstone has a powerful impact on the body physiology and the immune system. It clears out negative energy pathways, removes toxins and negative traumas and emotions and gives a boost to the immune system. The Impact of a good quality Hessonite are felt quite soon enough and one receives blessings of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

2)      Clarity- the Hessonite Gemstone blesses one with clarity in the mind. The Hessonite is ruled by Rahu which is well known as a Shadowy planet. Wearing the hessonite removes the mental cobwebs of confusion and blesses with clarity and sound decision making abilities. It is particularly effective when the Rahu periods are in operation or Rahu is posited in typically challenging positions in the chart.

3)      Courage and removal of fear- The Nature of Rahu is such that it causes unnecessary fear. Most of this fear is the results of an overactive imagination. This makes one subdued, anxious, and fearful and in some cases a “Recluse”. A Hessonite has a direct impact and removes the negative feelings of fear and anxiety. It bestows its wearer with confidence, provides hope and gives the resolve to face life head on.

4)      Protection from machinations and enemies- Those individuals who are involved in high profile jobs that require negotiation and a highly competitive atmosphere find the Hessonite gemstone especially effective. They are able to look beyond the veil and are able to pre-empt what their competition might be plotting. It is for this very reason that many politicians prefer to wear Hessonite.

5)      Material Success- the Gomed Gemstone is a Gemstone of material success. It has a direct impact on the root chakra/ Mooladhara Chakra that controls all material desires in life. It helps in effective and realistic goal formation, helps one work towards attainments of those goals and blesses one with mental and financial tools for effective achievement of Goals.


Top Benefits of Hessonite

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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Hessonite Gemstone Facts

Photograph showing detailing of the fine Hessonite ring set in Gold

Photograph showing detailing of the fine Hessonite ring set in Gold

Gemstone Natural Hessonite
Weight 5.46 carats
Treatment None
Origin Ceylon / Srilanka
Planetary Energy Rahu
Patron Location


All inclusive Price $ 1618.47 / INR 97132.47
Comments Jyotish Gemstones are mesmerizing and hypnotic. It’s not just the beauty they have that makes such an impact but certain inherent special qualities that draws instant attention. Featured today is a 5.46 cushion shaped Hessonite Garnet from Srilanka. The most outstanding feature of this Gemstone is its perfect color which is the right mix of brown, orange and red which in technical terms is referred to as the “Deep Burnt Orange Cinnamon Color”. The richness of the Hessonite contrasts with the melee of American diamonds that are creating a “ Halo” around the noble centre gemstone. The Gomedh has been set in 22 K Yellow Gold and it enhances the style and the feeling of Luxury.To view this Gemstone before it was set please click here.Note: The above links generally exist on the website for a period of 40 days after which they are periodically deleted to make way for new gemstones and to enable faster browsing.Featured above: A Fine 5.46 Natural Hessonite set in 22K Gents Gold Ring.Gemstoneuniverse-The World’s Number 1Proudly made in India with International Quality StandardsEnjoy it in Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=829gwSque74


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  1. Abhishek says

    It looks beautiful. But can hessonite be worn in gold? Astrologers say for every planet there is a gemstone and a metal , herb , color , day. Should we not make the ring in the metal suitable for that planet ?
    Would really appreciate if you publish article for each gemstone and metals in which their rings can be worn.
    Also if you can put more light on contradictory gemstones ( as suggested by astrologers that certain gemstones should not be worn together )

  2. Administrator says

    Yes hessonite can be worn in Gold in some cases. Please read a detailed write up here

    Most of the questions you have raised have already been answered in the Gemstoneuniverse website and blog that has more than 12000 resources now and counting. Just use the top right hand corner search box to gain quick access to all your Astrology Gemstones Questions

    Best Regards

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