Industry News: Synthetic Colombian Emeralds and the Ukrainian Cartel

Industry News: Synthetic Colombian Emeralds and the Ukrainian Cartel



Rough Polished reports: Several years ago, the agents of the Ukrainian Security Service intercepted a large parcel of smuggled Colombian emeralds at the Borispol Airport in Kiev. The case promised to set off much drumbeat, but it quickly fell apart. There were two reasons for this: the affair involved a senior official of one of the law enforcement agencies in Ukraine, while the emeralds turned out to be … synthetic. Full Story can be found here

Moral of the Story: Check your certificate and vendor credentials

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Poor quality and fake Bangkok sapphires flood Indian market

Poor quality and fake Bangkok sapphires flood Indian market


Fake Blue Sapphire classified as Bangkok Sapphire

There is a very good investigative report by Sunday Guardian that sheds light on Poor Quality and fake gemstones getting certified by fake labs in India. A huge demand has led to mushrooming of fake labs issuing fake certificates…

Excerpt from the article:

“The next time you buy a blue sapphire (or neelam stone) as recommended by your family astrologer, “to ward off Saturn’s evil effects on your horoscope”, ensure that it is not of poor quality or worse, a fake. Several astrologers and gemstone merchants in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar claim that the blue sapphires widely available in the market are either synthetic or treated stones from Thailand, called “Bangkok sapphires” or “Bangkok Neelam”.

Full Story can be accessed here

Beware of Fake Gemstones and Fake Labs and ensure that you do a 100% error free Gemstone Therapy

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Natural and Untreated and Still not Jyotish Quality.






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Severe Shortage of Natural Yellow Topaz | Fine Quality Topaz is more expensive than Entry Level Yellow Sapphire.

Severe Shortage of Natural Yellow Topaz | Fine Quality Topaz is more expensive than Entry Level Yellow Sapphire.

A Fine Natural Radiation free Yellow Topaz from the Gemstoneuniverse collection

A Fine Natural Radiation free Yellow Topaz from the Gemstoneuniverse collection


For the last 1 year the Gem that has proved to be elusive for Gemstoneuniverse- Take a Guess? Ruby Pearl Sapphire?

Its not Unheated Ruby( Even though market prices of Natural Rubies are climbing by 30% every six months ), Natural Pearl( There is not a single vendor online that carries the range that Gemstoneuniverse does- There are some b2b options but they are providing the Pearls at a price that is more than Gemstoneuniverse selling price with limited options) or Sapphire

The Answer is Natural Yellow Topaz… Surprised here is the reality…

Current Market Situation of Natural Radiation Free Yellow Topaz

1)      For a Gemstone to be effective for Astrological Purposes it has to be fully natural. This is the first parameter without any exception. Then it has to excel on other parameters that make it a true Jyotish Gemstone. We have examined several lots of Yellow Topaz from Brazil as well as Pakistan in the past 15 months but majority of these goods are treated by Radiation and hence rendered ineffective for Jyotish Purposes.

2)      The Minority of the Goods that are radiation free do not touch the minimum Jyotish Quality clarity level of 85% and do not have a pleasing color and hence ineffective for Jyotish Purposes.

3)      The Asking B2B Price in today’s market ( As of October 2013)  for these minority of the goods( just 1-2 pieces) is more than the price per carat of entry Level yellow Sapphires at Gemstoneuniverse. Today when we recheck the prices that we offered to our patrons for Premium Natural Yellow Topaz its mind boggling for us too. Have a Look at the lot Regalia Below:


4)      A Lot of Vendors are deliberately using the misnomer Golden Topaz and selling citrine. Citrine also known as Sunhela is not Yellow Topaz. A few vendors also state that High Quality Citrine is Yellow Topaz- This is an incorrect statement.

5)      The Next Upratna for Yellow Sapphire is the Heliodor and it is going the same way as Natural yellow Topaz. So if you are looking for implementing Gem Therapy with Uparatnas then Heliodors is the way to go presently. We haven’t seen a Jyotish Quality Heliodor Lot since the last upload.

6)      Unless new deposits are discovered the supply outlook of this Beautiful Gemstone looks bleak.


No Wonder the Legendary SM Tagore writes in the Manimala:

“ A man who wears a faultlessly Yellow Topaz

possessed of a beautiful shade, weighty, exceedingly cool,

flawless and perfectly round, reaps fame,

heroism, happiness, wealth and length of days.”


You can look at entry level yellow Sapphires or Heliodors and implement Planetary Gem Therapy.

We stand by our commitment to Planetary Gemology and our patrons. In no which way we shall upload goods that are not Jyotish Quality. For now the situation is bleak and if there are any improvements we shall keep you posted….

While picking gems for use in planetary gem therapy, Gemstoneuniverse makes sure that these gems are top of the line, displaying enviable clarity and great lustre! There are no compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are rejected, if they carry internal flaws (doshas) that could interfere with your gem therapy. Your Gem therapy should be absolutely error free with no guess work- We ensure that.


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National Honour for Gemstoneuniverse

National Honour for Gemstoneuniverse

Mr. Raghav Hawa - Chief Manager Operations, receives the awards for Gemstoneuniverse

Mr. Raghav Hawa – Chief Manager Operations, receives the awards for Gemstoneuniverse


Gemstoneuniverse gives you another reason to be proud.

Gemstoneuniverse has won two prestigious awards this year given by National Education and Human Resource Development Organization (NEHRDO) – The Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award  as well as Quality Brands India award.

The awards were received by Mr. Raghav Hawa, Chief Manager Operations, received the awards on behalf of Gemstoneuniverse in Mumbai. The organization remains committed to the discipline of planetary gemology and to providing the best experience and value addition to the patrons.



Since year 2003, NEHRDO is giving National Udyog Ratna Award for excellent work in various fields and these awards are recognised as important and precious in industrial and social areas. These area/fields are science and technology, business, industry, education, health, industrial leadership, banking, health, women entrepreneurs etc.

Quality Brands India presents a prestigious award for micro, small and medium industries in the country. The awards aim at honouring and felicitating successful and innovative businessmen and suppliers who have made great contributions for the development of micro, small and medium industries in India.

Initially, information about the various companies, products, services, projects etc. is collected from towns, cities of various states through the help of National Education and Human Resources Development Organisation as well as council for Economic Growth and Research National Charitable Trust. While selecting the brands for awards several economic, organisational as well as ethical parameters are considered.

NEHRDO can be accessed at the link below:

Quality Brands India Can be accessed at the link below:

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Story carried by National Duniya Newspaper on Fake Gemstones in the Indian Markets

Dear Patrons,

We shall showcase relevant industry news from now on through the blog. The following piece was published in the Hindi daily National Duniya on 12th Jan 2013 on page 12. Clicking on the image shall give you the full sized clip. For benefit of patrons who are not conversant with Hindi, the Gemstoneuniverse team has literally translated the piece into English.

Quantum of People trying to get good luck through glittering Gemstones is increasing.

Box CaptionsHeated, Treated Everything available in the marketThe business of  magic, tona totka has also increased.

Indian Markets are flooded with fake Gemstones

When an individual starts losing hope on tomorrow and one’s own strength he takes recourse to God. To climb the ladder to success in an instant, One takes recourse to Astrology, Tantra Mantra, Magic etc. All across TV channels and several other places there is a flood of Yantras and Gems that bring success.

Due to this reason in Karol Bagh , a Gem testing Lab-IGL has got increased business. Associated with the lab for a long time Sumant Jha admits that these days the demands for Stones, Rudrakshas, Three legged frog,  tortoise and other Feng Shui Items has increased but heated and Treated Gemstones and other fake gemstones have come into the market.

According to a source working in the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion council(GJEPC), the faith in Astrology is seen in the prosperous and the well off segment of the society. Out of 10, at least -7 people are wearing Gemstones. Bureaucrats to businessmen are wearing Gemstones. Political leaders of considerable strength and repute to bureaucrats are sporting Gem studded rings to increase their fortune.

Due to this reason the Gemstone market is growing any where from 13% to 50% per annum. He says that in New Delhi alone  the market for Gemstones and feng shui items is around 1000 crores.

However Gem expert Sumant Jha states that even though the market is growing the presence of fake Yellow Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby is increasing. The numbers of experts who can distinguish a fake gem from an original are diminishing. In some labs Gem are being synthetically manufactured.  Even 1 mukhi Rudraksha to 11 Mukhi Rudraksha fakes can be manufactured and these fakes are being sold at very high prices.

Sumant Jha states that wearing of Gems has a scientific foundation. Due to gems the rays of the Sun can be harnessed at a rapid speed hence that the gem has an effect is Natural. Three legged frog, tortoise,  1mukhi Rudraksha and Gems like Blue Sapphire are original then it does not take much time to get good fortune. He even claims that Gems are used for treatment of medical conditions.

Acharya Preetam Dev Shastri states that 10 years back people coming for consultations was quite less but the numbers of such people have suddenly increased.  Most of the people have a desire to get rich fast or for getting promotion in career.

Sambhavanand has a different take in on this.  He believes that the system of the country is weakening.  From Education, health care facilities to several areas are in a downfall but the desire of individuals towards prosperity has increased. This is the reason that the demand for   gemstones has increased.

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Story carried by National Duniya Newspaper on Fake Gemstones in the Indian Markets

Story carried by National Duniya Newspaper on Fake Gemstones in the Indian Markets