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    Venus Transit June 2012



    Zircon, White Zircon, Colorless Zircon-The Upratna of Venus! . A gift of infinite blessings from Venus on this Venus Transit Day

    White Zircon Gemstone, Colorless Zircon Features & effects

    Absorb the beauty of True Planetary Gems

    The world witnessed a rare and a beautiful celestial spectacle today, The Transit of Venus. From the Earth, this phenomenon is seen when the Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth. It occurs in intervals of 8, 121½, 8 and 105½ year.

    This was the last transit of this century and the next one will occur in the year 2117.


    On this rare event, we at Gemstoneuniverse present our patrons a gift of Venus with its infinite blessings and hope that these Gemstones bring in love, light and luxury in your life, the essential Venus Attributes.

    Presenting in front of you our first batch of top quality flawless, white/ Colorless Zircon from our rough” Sristhi”- Creation.

    Every single Zircon from this lot rivals the brilliance of a Diamond.

    Zircon is the single member of the zircon group of the nesosilicates that is suitable for use as a gemstone.

    Top Quality Zircon is the most preferred Upratna / superior Alternative gemstone for Venus and is used in Planetary Gemology to harness the best that planet Venus has to offer.

    Hindu poets tell of the Kalpavriksha Tree, the tree of miracles capable of granting all wishes, which was a lustrous, resplendent tree covered with gemstones as fruits with leaves of zircon.

    On this auspicious and significant Venus transit day of 06th June 2012, Gemstoneuniverse presents its patrons a gift from Venus with infinite blessings. Top Quality Flawless White Zircon from Sri Lanka.

    Want to know what makes planetary gems special, well, use this video as a reference point and see why these Gemstones are special and deliver those special results.

    A Gem is for a Gem

    Salient Features of this Lot:

    - Absolutely, top quality Colorless zircon.

    - Uniform pleasing cut.

    - Lustre brilliant rivalling the top quality Diamond.

    - Clarity 95% and above

    - True Jyotish Gems that will deliver superb value to patrons who opt for them instead of Diamond and White Sapphire

    - Price: No wholesaler or retailer can match price, range or brilliance of these goods even by a 100%. THAT- Is the Gemstoneuniverse value or commitment.


    We await your testimonials once you have experienced the power of Venus.

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