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    Articles: Zambian Emerald vs Colombian Emeralds which one works better AstrologicallyNEWS FEED

    Things that we don’t like but those that will help our patrons make the right choices-Fraud Alert 1

    Zambian Emerald vs Colombian Emeralds which one works better Astrologically

    Zambian emerald works better than a Colombian Emerald-A distasteful joke, a sad attempt at comedy or a straight fraud-You decide. Things we don’t like-But this will help you avoid the pitfalls

    Yesterday was an interesting day at A patron who had recently ordered a gemstone report from us was recommended an Emerald. This patron called us back and said that he was happy to receive a detailed report from us and that some other consultant from a different organization has recommended him an Emerald using some auric healing technique . That brings us to the first question:

    How does one read auras long distance over the internet?

    Any answers please.

    This consultant also said that Zambian Emerald gives much better results and a Colombian Emerald does not give results . The consultant also went ahead to say that they have a 5+ carat eye clean Zambian emerald for around USD$(3 figures). Whoa!

    Excuse us, we are not blind. Even if we get a Zambian Emerald that is eye clean that is 5+ carats we are targeting a price point of $(4 figures) per carat in whole sale or directly from the mine and not a $3figures for the full gemstone.

    Colombian Senors and masters of the world gem trade are you listening. This gemstone was being made available to this patron and patron asked us –Is this true?

    Well we did some research and apparently found out one gracious patron who asked us is my emerald Jyotish Quality. Have a look at the picture that he sent. This was made available by the same consultant and this consultant graded this gemstone as Eye clean.

    100% Non Jyotish Quality Flawed Emerald from Zambia. No light is passing through the Gemstone 100% Non Jyotish Quality Flawed Emerald from Zambia. No light is passing through the Gemstone

    We tried to see all angles of this gemstone and unless 12 individuals have some serious problems with their eyesight we can say this is a 100% flawed, non Jyotish quality, flawed emerald. It is a bluff stone.

    Please don’t trust anybody. Just trust your eyes! Please they will help, yes! THIS IS NOT JYOTISH QUALITY. THIS WILL NOT WORK. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR THIS AURIC READING OR NOT!

    This made us write this piece.

    What is Jyotish Quality?

    Please look at this emerald ring made available by to its patron. All relevant details of this ring are posted on this blog. Please go through the details if you wish.

    Natural Untreated 90% Eye Clean Colombian Emerald made available to a patron Natural Untreated 90% Eye Clean Colombian Emerald made available to a patron

    Here are the facts

    -Zambian Emerald gives better results than Colombian- Utter Nonsense and Fraud.

    Gem efficacy depends on Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat weight and Lack of treatment. Till these parameters are in place gemstone from any mine will give good results.


    - 90% of Vendors in India whether online or retail shops carry just Zambian Emerald with very poor clarity which is not Jyotish Quality. This is rough waste and the biggest consumer for this is the Indian Market. This is the least expensive and readily available inventory to procure. And they try to justify their gemstone by fraudulent statements like the one above.

    - Good Quality Zambian Emerald with 90% clarity will come at minimum $1000 a carat of above in wholesale due to their magnificent deep green color. If you can buy this at this price than you can take an order for 100 carats from us!. It’s a promise!

    - The best emerald, bench mark for all Emeralds in terms of beauty or investment is Colombian Emeralds. This is the most expensive inventory to procure, maintain and find access to. It’s our bet that this great auric consultant cannot even differentiate between Chivor, Cosquez or Muzo Mines. Colombian Emerald is available only to the experts or individuals with very deep pockets!

    Finally, be cautious, trust your eyes and don’t let planetary gemology fail due to bluff products and bluff consultants!

    Be aware, be at peace and most importantly-TRUST YOUR EYES!

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