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    Fine Flawless Yellow Sapphires from the Gemstoneuniverse collection of Fine Gemstones-Jyotish Gemstones at the Apex of the Gem Pyramid

    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    Among the precious gemstones and especially healing zodiac stones, natural yellow sapphire holds a special place. It is the gemstone of Planet Jupiter also known as Brihaspati in Hindu Astrology.

    Yellow Sapphire Stone Benefits

    Here are the top ten yellow sapphire benefits (Yellow Sapphire astrology benefits), listed for you:

    - Yellow sapphire has the planetary energy of Planet Jupiter, which is the planet of wisdom and fortune. Wearing a yellow sapphire can beget good fortune and wealth.

     - Wearing a yellow sapphire helps in better clarity, focus and therefore better decision making ability.

     - Planet Jupiter signifies marriage and marital bliss in a female individual’s birth chart. Wearing yellow sapphire can help in overcoming delay in marriage and finding a suitable match.

     - Natural yellow sapphire is a ‘feel good’ gemstone too. It can help a great deal in combating a pessimistic outlook. Wearing a jyotish quality yellow sapphire can keep an individual upbeat and hopeful.

     - Natural yellow sapphire is a very beneficial gemstone for individuals with Pisces ascendant or Sagittarius ascendant.

     - Wearing a natural yellow sapphire can bring great progress in academics and is a very good gem for those involved in higher academic pursuits as well as teaching.

     - Planet Jupiter rules over the realm of law and justice, therefore those engaged in legal profession stand to benefit from yellow sapphire.

     - Spiritual counsellors, healers, priests, preachers, – all those who are engaged in religious or spiritual work also benefit from yellow sapphire as dharma (religion) is the domain of Jupiter. Those seeking spiritual evolution may also benefit greatly. 

     - Natural Yellow sapphire gemstone can help a lot as a healing stone in case of stomach ailments, weak digestive system and jaundice.

     - Individuals for whom Jupiter is a natural yogkaraka can find great relief in Rahu Mahadasha or Rahu Antardasha by wearing a yellow sapphire


    It is highly recommended that planetary gem therapy of any sort should be started after seeking a proper gem recommendation only.

    New Lot of Natural Yellow Sapphires “Prithvi” from Gemstoneuniverse:




    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to announce the new not of natural Yellow Sapphires from Ratnapura aptly Named Prithivi and inspired by the Vedic Sage Atri. He is the seer of the fifth Mandala (Book 5) of the Rig Veda. He had many sons and disciples who have also contributed in the compilation of the Rig Veda and other Vedic texts.


    Features of Yellow Sapphire Stone lot are:

    1)      All Natural unheated and untreated Gemstones.

    2)      All Earth Mined Gemstones from Ratnapura –Sri Lanka

    3)      Exceptional clarity befitting for a Jyotish Gemstone

    4)      Perfect and alluring rich to medium butter yellow color

    5)      Fantastic cut making it a desirable unheated treasure.

    6)      Qualify as Jyotish Gemstones. Just one look and you can feel the healing energies of Jupiter

    7)      Price- You will love it.

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