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    Articles: Importance of Cut in Peridot in Peridot GemstoneNEWS FEED

    'Wonderfully Cut Peridot - Just That is Enough to Set Your Gem Apart!'

    Importance of Cut in Peridot in Peridot Gemstone

    Natural Burma Peridot of 3.66 carats



    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2012


  Table Peridot Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Burma Peridot
    Weight 3.66 carats
    Treatment None, Untreated
    Origin Burma
    Planetary Energy Mercury, Budh
    Patron Location Gujarat, India
    All inclusive Price $ 305.35 / INR 16489
    Comments Gemstones are a subject that is explored only if the individual is curious. Of late, there is an increased interest in the world of natural gemstones for not just there value but for the great healing and planetary energy benefits.


    Featured today is a natural and treatment free Peridot of 3.66 carats from Burma set in sterling silver as a Mercury Talisman ring. The symbol of Mercury stands in relief on the shanks of the ring. The rectangular cushion cut peridot has a luscious and deep olive green color and fantastic clarity. Burma is known for it natural gemstones and the gemstone reflects the pedigree through its electric lustre aside of the other appealing characteristics.

    Peridot or zabarjad zaytuni is the substitute gemstone of natural emerald/ panna . It is used in a talisman to harness the energies of the planet Mercury/ Budh . It is also known as Chrysolite /Olivine, and finds a mention among the gemstones in the Holy Bible too.

    Please take a note that finding a beautifully cut peridot itself makes it a suitable candidate for commanding a premium. Peridot is not an easy gem when it comes to cutting and faceting. The cutter has to be extremely careful about the inclusions not simply because he must cut the gem as to bring out its maximum allure, also because the internal tension of the peridot is pretty high.

    This is what master cutter David Clay Zava has to say about fashioning peridot in a Rapaport magazine article – “ The rough is prone to shattering or cracking during the cutting process — an upshot of its internal molecular tension and an inability to handle heat transference. It’s often difficult to see into, and while being blocky and of potentially high yield, it can contain hairlike inclusions and curly, wandering feathers that can confound the best of cutters .”

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