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    Natural Treatment free Ceylon Blue sapphire pendant

    Beauty. Rarity. Flaunt value. Real Investment. Talisman power. This and much more is what you get when you get a gem from Gemstoneuniverse. Here you have the real advantage where you get world class expertise in sourcing the finest gems for you at a fraction of cost compared to elsewhere!

    At Gemstoneuniverse, quality, ethics, processes and the patron’s preferences are given the utmost attention and these are non-negotiable principles of functioning. We understand that Planetary Gemology is a discipline not too well understood in all its nuances by the general public, therefore simplifying and streamlining processes has been a major endeavour – from choosing a gem to delivery of your talisman, to give you a better and complete experience, free of hassles. We are proud of the value we bring to the quality of your life.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in April 2013 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts


    Natural Blue Sapphire


    3.87 carats


    None. Fully Natural,



    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    Tokyo, Japan

    All inclusive Price

    $ 7890 / INR 437895




    Now here’s a stellar treat! A wonderful gem – a fully natural and unheated blue sapphire from the gem mines of Srilanka. At a superb jyotish weight of 3.87 carats, it’s the perfect gem for planetary gem therapy with rich silky cornflower blue color and amazing clarity. It is a marvellous piece with all the traits of a top-notch blue sapphire rolled into one. This magnificent one of a kind blue sapphire has been set in Sterling silver as a Saturn talisman.

    Natural blue sapphire or neelam gemstone is the gem of Lord Saturn and is used in a talisman to harness the energies of this planet. Individuals with Makar lagna and Kumbh lagna can wear the blue sapphire.

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