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    Why are Jyotish Gems Rare and Why do They Bless with Positive Results


    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in December 2012 Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Yellow Sapphire
    Weight 4.90 carats
    Treatment None. Fully Natural
    Origin Sri Lanka/Ceylon
    Planetary Energy Jupiter
    Patron Location Singapore
    All inclusive Price $ 4150 / INR 232400
    Comments Man’s eternal quest to improve his life leads him to explore several options. Life is about choosing the right options. The only difference between a lucky man and an unlucky one is that the lucky man finds himself in the right place at the right time (read opportunities) and makes the right choices.  The only factor common among them is hard work – Karma. 


    One of the ways man has explored, to tap the potential of the divine is by using Gemstones. These miracles of nature formed over thousands of years have been one of man’s best friends, philosophers and guides.

    The Indian system of Gem recommendation by Jyotish – the science of light has provided miraculous results to people since times immemorial. A Gem recommended on the principles of Vedic Astrology after an in-depth study of the horoscopes and the objectives of the individual is called a Jyotish Gem.

    Is that it-No!

    Recommendation of a Jyotish Gem is just one part. Selection of a Jyotish Gem is another part. When both recommendation and selection are perfect you get the promised power of a Gemstone.

    Before one tries to explore the meaning of a Jyotish Gemstone one should know what is a Gemstone.

    What is a Gemstone?

    A Gemstone is a fine precious or semi precious mineral that is fit to be used for adornment or for jewellery.  To be regarded as a Gemstone a mineral must be beautiful, rare, and durable.

    So what do we get out of this definition?

    A Gemstone is fine

    A Gemstone is beautiful.

    A Gemstone is rare.

    A Gemstone is durable.

    See the pictures below:


    Poor Quality Mineral Sold as Yellow Sapphire in the market for Astrological Purpose. It Fails all Parameters of being a Gemstone let alone being a Jyotish GemstonePoor Quality Mineral Sold as Yellow Sapphire in the market for Astrological Purpose. It Fails all Parameters of being a Gemstone let alone being a Jyotish Gemstone

    This mineral sample sold as Yellow Sapphire fails on every single parameter of being called as a Gemstone:

    -          It  is Not beautiful.

    It is not rare- This was white in color before being heated and diffused to give it Yellow color. Natural Yellow Sapphires are rare.


    Natural Yellow Sapphire of 3.48 carats from the Gemstoneuniverse collection set in 16 Petal Lotus Ring- A True GemstoneNatural Yellow Sapphire of 3.48 carats from the Gemstoneuniverse collection set in 16 Petal Lotus Ring- A True Gemstone

    This mineral is a true Gemstone. It qualifies on the definition of a Gemstone.

    It is beautiful

    It is Rare- Because it’s natural and unheated.

    It is Durable.

    So Before one selects a Jyotish Gemstone one should first find out a Gemstone.


    Why are Jyotish Gems Rare?

    A detailed article on what are Jyotish Gemstones can be found here.

    “Inward glowing lustre, transparency, illumination with rays, sparkle, free from impurities and good formation of the shape are the characteristics of good gems” -(Agni Purana, 246.13-14).

    A Jyotish Gem is rare because for every Gemstone the sacred texts specify that besides being a Gemstone, a Jyotish Gem should be treatment free and be free from certain flaws/ doshas to give desired results. Every single gem has a list of flaws that should be absolutely avoided. This knowledge is not common in the market place. One has to be an expert to select a Jyotish Gemstone.

    “If anyone wears a gem of many flaws even out of ignorance, then grief, anxiety, sickness, death, loss of wealth and other evils will torment him” – (Garuda Purana, 70.19).

    Only a true Jyotish Gem can harness the energies of the concerned planet and that translates in being in the right place at the right time.


    Featured today is a True Jyotish Gem. When we listed this divine gem on Gemstoneuniverse website we described it thus,

    Through the looking glass, you look at your future, garbed in the hues of fortunate gold and sparkly brilliance. No. no. That’s not daydreaming. This is precisely what this 4.90 carat beauty could have you peeking into. Behold the oval cut, rich butter yellow sapphire from the Ratnapura mines of Sri Lanka from the lot Amun 2012. It is a completely natural, untreated, unheated Yellow sapphire, which is eye clean and super lustrous. Resonating with abundant energies of Jupiter, it will definitely make a fine and powerful talisman. The solid weight of 4.90 carats will ensure that.

    Play the video and see what makes a Jyotish Gem so special, so rare! When a Gem such as this gets set in a ring in an auspicious times and get consecrated and energized with full Vedic Rituals it is an instrument of positive change and blesses its owner with material and spiritual gains.

    To view this Gemstone before it was set please click here.

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    Enjoy it in Video:



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