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    Where to buy best quality emeralds, Jardines & Emerald Value

    Gemstoneuniverse is a premium resource to buy best quality emeralds worldwide. From Deep rich Colombian Emeralds with high lustre to wonders from Zambia& Brazil the expertise of Gemstoneuniverse ensures that you get your own cherished Emerald.

    Perhaps the most challenging Colored Gemstone to buy for any Gemologist, Gem professional, trader or end user is the Emerald as it is the most included gemstone.

    The characteristic inclusions in Emeralds are called as Jardines and almost all emeralds have it in them. They are an actual proof that they were made in the lap of Mother Nature in a natural way.

    The lesser the jardines the more valuable and precious is the Emerald with colour remaining constant. More number of Jardines means the emerald is less precious.


    Top Quality Emerald from Gemstoneuniverse Lot Dhruvah 

    With our domain being Jyotish Gemstones invariably we need high clarity along with being natural and that makes the task doubly difficult. Lesser number of Jardines has a direct impact on the Emerald value and when you factor in all parameters that make a true Jyotish Gemstone, we are looking at a very few rare emeralds that make the cut as “Jyotish Quality Emerald

    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present 3 new lots of Jyotish Emeralds for its valuable patrons. There is something for everyone in this lot from super premium high end Jewellery quality to entry level Jyotish Quality for those who are looking for a start in Planetary Gem Therapy.


    Entry Level Jyotish Gemstone Emeralds from Ratna Lot

    These Lots are Named as Dhruvah( Name of Lord Shiva meaning firm, Unchanged), Vishnu as respect for Lord Shri Hari Vishnu and Ratna( the Sanskrit word for a precious Gem).

    We would request you to view the videos of the lots to actually assess the features of the lots.

    Important features of these lots are:

    - Beautiful colour ranging from a rich deep luxurious green to a vibrant and lively early summer grass green. Each single gemstone picked up by a true Gem professional who knows the science of importance of colour in a Jyotish Gemstone. You will have an emerald chosen by a professional a process that ensures that you get the most perfect colour with just the right mix of hue, tone and saturation.

    - More on colour with majority of lots having the sacred shades of emeralds that deliver the choicest results. Information that is available with only a select few.

    - Every single Emerald has life and life in a Jyotish Gemstone sets it apart from regular gemstones. Life ensures that the Emerald will look beautiful in any geographical condition or lighting environment.

    - Pristine cut that ensures the maximum play of light for maximum results.

    - Adequate and Optimum Weight for best results. If you would like to know more about Jyotish Gemstone weight recommendation please click here.

    - All Natural Emeralds free from any resin, epoxy, polymers or polycon, Only Sattvik pure gemstones work for Jyotish.

    - Each Emerald selected in line with our vision to ensure a 100% error free Gem Therapy.

    - Given the features above and after viewing videos and making comparisons you are assured that your purchase is backed by the Gemstoneuniverse Unmatched Price Policy. The prices at which these lots are uploaded give you a brilliant opportunity to start your gem therapy.

    With huge traffic for a niche subject like Jyotish Gemstones and planetary gem therapy, you can very well assess for yourself that you will never have a single ordinary gemstone. In line with our mission, vision and values we list only a few rare gems… for gems.

    If you are new to Gem therapy and power of Jyotish Gemstones a good start would be here.

    A Gem is for a Gem… and a Gem chooses a Gem. We wish you a stupendous success with your Jyotish Gemstone.

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