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    Articles: Where can I buy Unheated Untreated Mozambique Ruby?NEWS FEED

    Where can I buy Unheated Untreated Mozambique Ruby?

    What is a Ruby Gemstone?

    The precious variety of Gem quality Corundum (aluminium oxide) varying from colour shades of deep blood red to flaming pink due to the presence of trace element chromium is called as the Ruby Gemstone.

    Traditionally for thousands of Years Ruby maintains its position and popularity as the leader amongst all colored Gemstones. It is a Gemstone that has many lores and fables attached to it. Traditionally Ruby was classified as RatnaRaj- King of Gemstones and Ratna Nayaka- Leader of the Gemstones in ancient Sanskrit texts.

    Today it still remains as the most sought after and traded Gemstones amongst all coloured gemstones despite the market prices of the Ruby increasing year on year.

    Why is a Ruby Heated or Treated?

    The primary reason for treating a Ruby is to enhance clarity and improve its colour so that it is alluring to the buyer. The most common treatment in Ruby is the Heat Treatment in Ruby. Other treatments are lead glass filling, flux healing etc. Today it is estimated that 95% or more Rubies have undergone some treatment.

    What is an unheated untreated Ruby?

    A Ruby that has not undergone any enhancing treatment to improve its appearance is very rare and also expensive. As discussed above only less than 5% of all Rubies are Natural Unheated and Untreated. A fully natural Ruby that is just mined, cut and polished without any external treatment to improve appearance is called as an Unheated, untreated Ruby.

    Unheated and Untreated Rubies are very rare and high in value. If they are Gem Quality Material occupying a high level on the Gem Pyramid the best way to get them certified at an accredited Gemstone Laboratory. Even though you may trust the value and the opinion of an established Gem and Jewellery Professional who may have had experience of many years it is always best to get it tested from a Gem Laboratory to be on the safer side.

    Yes, Industry professionals can help distinguish between a Natural Ruby and a treated one due to tell tale inclusions but still there is some minute chance of a wrong assessment as Gemstone Treatments are constantly changing.

    For Jyotish and Astrological Purposes what kinds of Rubies are best?

    For any kind of Gemstone to be astrologically effective is that it should be fully natural without any kind of treatment whatsoever. Even for Rubies one has to be very clear that the Gem is free from heat treatment and one should also be wary of stones being traded as New Burma Ruby Etc.

    Which sources of Rubies are considered to be best?

    Traditionally the Burma Rubies are the most sought after Gemstones but these are extremely rare, valuable and hard to come by.

    Does origin of Ruby have any impact on Astrological Results and Effects?

    The origin of the Ruby has no impact whatsoever on its astrological effectiveness or results. What matters is that the Gem should be a true Jyotish Gemstone having the desirable characteristics as described in the sacred texts. So whether you Ruby are from Burma, Mozambique, Tanzania or Tajikistan what matters most is that it is a Jyotish Quality Ruby. For more information on origin and its Astrological Impact please click here.


    Where can I buy Unheated Untreated Mozambique Ruby? is one of the world’s favourite destinations to buy Unheated and Untreated Mozambique Rubies. With the supply of Burma Ruby erratic & unpredictable Mozambique has emerged as one of the best alternatives to procure fine natural Rubies of enviable clarity, lustre and beauty.

    Some of the Mozambique rubies even rival Burma Ruby in terms of quality, lustre and colour. With Gemstoneuniverse you can expect top quality selection of fine rubies at different price points with independent reputed Gemstone Certification.

    You can view Unheated Rubies of different qualities by clicking here.

    Gemstoneuniverse Presents new Lot of Unheated Untreated Mozambique Ruby for Its patrons:

    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present an exclusive Lot of Mozambique Rubies” Srijan” for its valued patrons. Important features of this lot are:

    - The Lot is named as “Srijan” which means creation. These fine rubies have so much life and vibrancy it is named as Srijan to pay respect to the vital force of creation.

    - These fine quality Gemstones are natural earth mined Gemstones from the heart of Africa-Mozambique.

    - All Rubies of this lot are certified treatment free. They are fully natural and unheated Rubies certified from a Reputed Laboratory.

    - Every single Gemstone has the desirable characteristics as described in the Agni Purana and the Garuda Purana. These are true Jyotish Gemstones.

    - Every Single Gemstone has been picked by up a Gem professional having several years of experience. So if you are looking to buy a precious Ruby for your collection, cherished piece of jewellery or for harnessing the planetary powers of the Sun, these will excel on all parameters.

    - The colour is exceptionally pleasing and desirable. From a deep Royal red, to intense fiery red to a sensational Reddish Pink. One reflection of light on the Ruby and you will see it glow like a fire.

    - The clarity level of every single piece is 90% and above which is quite rare in unheated natural Rubies. Remember unheated Rubies make up less than 5% of all natural Rubies and these Rubies will be in top 1-2% of that miniscule 5%.

    - Finely cut for maximum light movement. Please view the video for an accurate assessment of the clarity, cut and the movement of light.

    - Free from any doshas/ Flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

    - This Lot of Ruby Srijan also beats the current market prices of Ruby. If you were looking at purchasing a beautiful result orient Ruby at a great price this is one such great opportunity.

    We hope you will get a Gem that you will cherish in life and that it will bring you many blessings in life.

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