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    White Sapphires-Colorless Sapphire-The Gemstones of Venus



    What is White Sapphire-Colorless Sapphire and its benefits in Gemstone Astrology


    White Sapphire often referred to as the colorless Sapphire is the Gemstone of Venus and it used as a Diamond Alternative. Also referred to as Safed Pukhraj it gives very good results as a Venus Gemstone as per Gemstone Astrology.


    Venus is the planet of Luxury and Beauty and represents Style, Panache and class. The same attributes should be there in its Gemstone- The White Sapphire. The ideal White Sapphire should be untainted white but if it is unheated a very slight tint of blue and cream is acceptable.

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    Jyotish Quality White Sapphire is very rare. For a gem to be Jyotish Quality it has to be beautiful, lustrous, full of that special spark that empowers it to work like a Vedic Gem besides being fully natural and unheated.

    Featured here are two white sapphires that make it to the Jyotish Quality Grade. Today White Sapphires are much more rare than Blue Sapphires and Yellow Sapphires. The strict quality process at Gemstoneuniverse and dedication to Planetary Gem Therapy ensures only the top grade gemstones being listed.

    Chosen from a big lot of 24 white sapphires out of which 22 were rejected just because of one reason or another. Even though the whole lot was Natural and Unheated it did not make the grade as Jyotish quality


    These will shortly be listed in the White Sapphire inventory.



    Find how a Jyotish Quality Sapphire should be from the above video

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